TCA/GENETWORx Laboratories Announces New Saliva Test for Detection of COVID-19 Virus with Results Delivered in 48 Hours

Today, TCA/GENETWORx Labs, a leading national provider of COVID-19 diagnostic and antibody testing, announced that its trusted national testing program is now offering molecular saliva tests for detection of the coronavirus.

According to Genetworx, the new saliva PCR test (polymerase chain reaction) has an accuracy rate greater than 98 percent with results delivered to patients within 48 hours from receipt of sample. The GENETWORx saliva test is a convenient alternative to nasopharyngeal testing for patients because the collection method is easier while still yielding highly accurate results. It is particularly convenient for school districts as children find it less invasive. The saliva test further enhances the TCA/GENETWORx testing platform making it the most comprehensive testing solution currently available for government, businesses, nursing homes, colleges and others to conduct repeat testing programs as they strive to return to work and school.

“With over 6 million confirmed cases of COVID-19 in the United States, repeated or sequential testing with highly accurate diagnostic tests is the only way to identify, control, and track this virus,” said Brian O’Neill, Chairman of TCA/Genetworx.

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