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Whether you just need a better lab partner to process tests or want additional traffic, our Collection Program can help.

Grow Your Business by Collecting Samples

Increase Foot Traffic

Improved Patient Care with Diagnostic Testing

Become Convenient One-Stop Shop with Testing

Optimize your patient experience

  • Provide collections OR expand your current offering
  • Optimize staff & patient experience
  • Add diagnostic testing to your services

Become One-Stop Shop for Patient Care

Let our team drive foot traffic to your pharmacy OR expand your current testing options! As a GENETWORx partner, not only can participating pharmacies expand or offer testing services, but they can become a location patients go to for all their health care needs. Grow your business and increase foot traffic while expanding your offering today!

Already Offer collection services?

Expand your Offering

GENETWORx offers a wide variety of tests to help your business grow!

Make testing Easy

Partner with GENETWORx to Collect Samples & Earn!

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Drive Foot Traffic

GENETWORx will support your pharmacy to increase foot traffic & collections

Grow Your Business

Grow your business by increasing foot traffic with the additional of testing services.

Leverage Our Convenient & Secure Digital Management

GENETWORx uses Aura software, provided by Nucleus, which provides patients and customers a total end to end digital management and medical data system which provides:

  • Test scheduling
  • Sample tracking
  • Daily symptom tracking
  • Contact tracing assistance
  • Dashboard compliance reporting
  • Government reporting