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Our Mobile Phlebotomy Team

Our mobile phlebotomy team helps meet the needs of patients, sponsors and healthcare providers by adding flexibility and quality of care for those that are underserved or don’t have easy access. 

Our Mission is to bring access to the best possible diagnostic care by removing the burden of collection and processing for our patients. Our team can go to employers offices, long-term care facilities and patient homes to build relationships with patients personally, allowing them to see the same face every day.

Long-Term Care

Avoid wasting time and money.  Instead of arranging transportation and time consuming trips to a lab, GENETWORx phlebotomists will come right to your facility.  Our friendly phlebotomists give your patients a friendly face while still granting your doctors the same results they need.


Bring collection specialists into your pharmacy today to be able to collect and result lab tests!  Our highly-skilled phlebotomist team can partner with your pharmacy to offer collection services to your store.  Increase your foot traffic and revenue by offering lab collection in your pharmacy today.


Improve patient participation, compliance and data consistency while reducing costs. Offer at-home or nearby specimen collections to patients for your clinical trial.  GENETWORx offers phlebotomy services to take the burden off your patient participation by providing convenient, professional phlebotomy services.

Flexible, Mobile Options

Let our mobile lab come to you and provide fast, accurate results to you and your patients either at your location or in your patient’s homes.


Our professional phlebotomists will provide your team and patients with outstanding service, without the barrier of transporting patients to a lab for testing.

On Demand Testing

Our mobile lab delivers results to your team quickly and securely, while providing patients with the least intrusive and highest level of care.

Mobile Phlebotomy Services

GENETWORx can help. We offer personalized, convenient phlebotomy services to provide residents accessibility to high quality, personal care. Our mobile phlebotomists are available to offer your residents quality care when they need it most.

Services offered:

  • Blood draws
  • COVID swabbing
  • Urine and other specimen collection pick up

Experience you can trust

Our phlebotomists participate in virtual and in-person training. Each team member is expected to maintain continuing education credits and pass regular proficiency testing. They are certified in Phlebotomy, First Aid and CPR.

When you choose GENETWORx, you’ll get a team of phlebotomists who are fully responsible for sample collections, order entry, STAT solutions, and sample transport.

Let us help you help your residents. Learn more about GENETWORx phlebotomy services.

You Decide When & Where

Book our mobile phlebotomists to arrive at your facility on your schedule. Then, allow our team to collect and organize samples conveniently without disturbing or transporting patients to an offsite lab. Results are delivered quickly and securely.

Convenient & Secure Digital Management

GENETWORx’s Aura software, provided by Nucleus, provides patients and administrators a total end to end digital management and medical data system which provides:

  • Test locations
  • Test scheduling
  • Sample tracking
  • Daily symptom tracking
  • Dashboard compliance reporting
  • Resulting and analytics
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