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GENETWORx Laboratory’s unique software platform, Aura, provides employers with an easy tool for scheduling, receiving, and managing test results.  Through the app, users can:

Ensuring a safe, compliant workforce through COVID-19 testing, prevention and mitigation with Aura

GENETWORx’s Aura software, provided by Nucleus, provides patients and customers a total end to end digital management and medical data system which provides:

  • Test locations
  • Test scheduling
  • Sample tracking
  • Daily symptom tracking
  • Contact tracing assistance
  • Dashboard compliance reporting
  • Government reporting features

Aura expedites turnaround times of COVID-19 test results, reduces laboratory process time, and allows large population customers, including municipalities, state and federal governments, universities, corporations, healthcare providers, and others to manage the COVID-19 compliance and health of their entire workforce, constituent, student, and/or patient population.

Schedule Testing

Patients easily search for testing facilities around their location. Search results provide address and distance. From there the patient can select an appointment slot and book.

Get Results & Notifications

One button touch for results. Patient receives notifications within 2 days notifying that results are ready to view. Alerts for patients when someone in their network is tested positive.


Variety of certifications such as Back to Work and Return to Campus are valid through testing duration period. Certifications appear on app and activate a positive QR code.

Scan Verification

Specific to users, QR codes can be scanned to provide verification anywhere scanning hardware is installed, such as dorms, cafeterias, office buildings, sporting events, and more.


Central dashboard for the patients Users summarizing all their progress and activity. Quick insights on recent actions such as number of test completed, results, and alerts.


Pre-screened users with quick Daily Checkups. Asymptomatic patients are identified and classified and acute patients are identified and receive prioritization.

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You Can Benefit from Aura

With no end in sight to the COVID-19 pandemic, countless organizations would benefit from COVID-19 testing and contact tracing, including:

Your workforce can’t wait – you need a safe, effective testing program. GENETWORx’s Aura software is your immediate, ongoing solution.


The user can manually enter their insurance information.

Within Aura, users search for testing facilities around their location. The research results provide both the address and distance to various testing locations near the user. With the push of a button, the user can schedule a test at the location of their choice.

They get a push notification and email when the test is ready and then go into the app to get their results. Once a user has completed testing, push notification and email will link to results in less than 72 hours. If the test is positive, the person is notified to quarantine and test again in 14 days. If the test is negative, the user will be notified to retest at a frequency decided by your organization. Organization-wide alerts are also available if someone within your organization tests positive.

Certifications are given to users after testing negative. Some of these certifications – such as “Back to Work” – expire after a certain amount of days (determined by your organization) to keep your building safe. Certifications appear on the phone and activate a QR code that is scanned for access into your facility.

When a user logs into Aura, the central page summarizes all their information. A summary card shows quick insights on the user’s activities, such as upcoming test dates, number of tests completed, their results, etc. Users receive a daily notification reminding them to complete a daily health report. This survey-style report allows users to document or track symptoms. Depending on a user’s answers, specific next steps will be recommended. If the user submits no COVID-19 symptoms (or not enough to trigger an action), the health report is collected. If the user reports COVID-19 testing, they will be guided to schedule testing.

For more information on our testing capabilities or for instructions on the gathering of samples, please contact GENETWORx by: