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Ensuring a safe, compliant workforce through COVID-19 testing, prevention and mitigation with Aura

Undeniably, ensuring the well-being of every member of your population is your highest priority, especially now. Employers are faced with a new crisis: How to handle safety issues related to infection and spread during the current pandemic. What to do if an employee tests positive? How can you ensure you’ll be notified if this happens? Do business operations halt to keep all employees safe?

In partnership with Nucleus, GENETWORx Laboratory’s unique Aura software provides patients and customers a total end to end digital management and medical data system which provides:

Aura expedites turnaround times of COVID-19 test results, reduces laboratory process time, and allows large population customers, including municipalities, state and federal governments, universities, corporations, healthcare providers, and others to manage the COVID-19 compliance and health of their entire workforce, constituent, student, and/or patient population.

The Key to Slowing COVID-19 Spread: Sequential Testing, Rapid Diagnosis, Contact Tracing via Aura

Sequential testing and contact tracing are the best ways to interrupt the spread of disease and keep you, your family, employees, and community safe. To identify and mitigate the risk of an outbreak within your population, you need comprehensive testing, reporting, and contact tracing software solution.

Aura enables large populations to be placed on routine sequential testing protocols. As a client of GENETWORx and Aura user, you can set up testing for your population at convenient locations and times. From there, the app will alert the user when it’s time for a test based on preset testing frequencies determined by you, your company or results of person’s last test.

The app coordinates testing appointments and sequences (when applicable) to prevent long lines or overcrowding at the testing facility and will also send appointment notifications and reminders to those scheduled for a test.

Once a test is conducted, the user will receive their results in the Aura App. Aura dashboards with test results can be accessed by GENETWORx clients, patients, and health professionals via a smartphone application. As an employer, you can track employees’ symptoms to predict the onset of COVID-19 via the daily symptom tracking within the app. You’re able to leverage this information to set guidelines on when testing needs to occur or who can go where and when within your building.

Dynamic display maps show the most active points of viral contraction across your entire testing population and also provide predictive analysis, allowing you to get ahead of a potential spread in order to initiate proper safety measures.

Aura also prevents access to facilities based on a positive COVID-19 test result, helping prevent a major breakout in your building.

Aura ties to QR-code readers at all entry points of your building or business campus, allowing easy access to all certified (or non-positive) employees and denying access to those who have tested positive, minimizing the risk of an outbreak among your employees. These QR codes can be scanned from the Aura smartphone app or traditional ID badge.

For recipients of the self-collection  GENETWORx Nasal Swab Test Kits, the Aura app will allow test takers to activate their kit, access step by step instructions and receive their results- all at their fingertips, from home. The app allows for the test taker and the organization which ordered the test on their behalf to know their COVID-19 status seamlessly, conveniently and simultaneously.

How Does the Contact Tracing Work?

Once a user tests positive, the contact tracing flow is as follows:

  • User is in quarantine and will be alerted to retest again at the completion of quarantine.
  • Contact tracing workflow is initiated.
    • Proper channels (government, employer, state and local municipalities, Federal Department of Health, etc.) are notified of positive result.
    • A notification alerts the user to go directly to the Contact Tracing screen in the app. From here, the user can quickly select phone contacts with whom they’ve been in contact with. Fellow employees and others who are at risk may also be notified.

If a user tests negative:

  • The employee is marked as “certified” to return to work.
  • The employee will continue to fill out daily symptom tracking regarding their current health status and to monitor the onset of symptoms.
  • The employee will receive a reminder to get tested again at a frequency determined by your organization.

You Can Benefit from Aura

With no end in sight to the COVID-19 pandemic, countless organizations would benefit from COVID-19 testing and contact tracing, including:

Your workforce can’t wait – you need a safe, effective testing program. GENETWORx’s Aura software is your immediate, ongoing solution. Call GENETWORx at 610-726-1205


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