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GENETWORx recognizes that patients want to know more about their genetics and health in order to live healthier, more productive lives. Our scientists and researchers work tirelessly to advance Molecular Diagnostic Testing to help healthcare professionals diagnose and treat a broad range of conditions more quickly, safely and accurately.

The PCR Testing Advantage


GENETWORx can detect more than 30 different types of pathogens and deliver 99% accurate results within 24-48 hours of lab sample receipt.


GENETWORx molecular pathogen testing is more accurate than standard culture testing.  Our molecular pathogen testing detects anaerobic organisms growing deep inside that other tests may miss. [1]


Using a molecular approach, amplification of testing sample genetic material is faster than standard culture growth and delivers increased sensitivity and a quicker result. [2]


Our rapid turnaround time is within 24-28 hours from laboratory receipt.


Our simple to read report gives clinicians quick, actionable intelligence to make better treatment decisions.


Ability to identify pathogens when the patient is on empiric antibiotic treatment.

With molecular testing, not only can you receive a clear picture of the type and percent of pathogens causing the infection, in many cases, you can identify antimicrobial resistance.  With the power of molecular testing, you can select the optimal medication therapy for your patient, improve treatment outcomes and reduce healthcare spend.

Pathogen Testing Services

GENETWORx molecular pathogen testing identifies the specific pathogens that are causing the infection, as well as any antimicrobial resistance. The outcome is information that can help you select the optimal drug therapy for your patient.[1]

Urinary Tract Infections (UTI) PCR Testing

Treating asymptomatic patients is associated with the following:[3]

  • Increased rates of adverse drug effects
  • More recurrent infections with drug-resistant bacteria
  • Does not improve genitourinary symptoms (e.g., polyuria or malodorous urine) or mortality rates

With the Genetworx Molecular UTI test, you can expect:

Brief Collection Designed with Patients & Staff in Mind

Collecting a clean catch urine sample is not always an option for patients. It can be unpleasant for the patient and your staff.  Sometimes, catch urine collection is not even physically possible.

With GENETWORx as your UTI diagnostic laboratory, a swab of a wet, saturated brief is an alternative to a clean catch urine sample and provides a much easier collection process.



Pharmacogenomics is the study of how DNA impacts individual responses to medication.
  • Pharmacogenomics is able to improve clinical outcomes as well as provide financial value to the health system. There are many compelling studies that found significant cost-savings value from introducing pharmacogenomics to physicians and patients.[4]
  • GENETWORx is an expert in pharmacogenomics lab testing, detecting genetic differences that affect the metabolism of therapeutic medications and the possibility for adverse events.[4]

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