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Order now and receive your diagnostic testing supplies within 24 hours.

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Full Service:

Complete end-to-end administration.

Self Service:

We train and provide tests, you administer.

Self Collection:

At home testing for employees.

Order Tests Kits

Upon creating an account with GENETWORx, you will receive test supplies via FedEx within 24 hours. Sampling is fast and easy, performed with minimal training required. Or choose on-site collection by GENETWORx team members.

Administer & Return Tests

For self service and collection, just collect and place your samples along with the test orders into the bags provided. For on-site collection, we'll help to administer and return.

Get Fast Results

GENETWORx provides test results just 24-48 hours after samples are received in our lab. Results can be viewed individually or by the organization through our secure online system.

Convenient & Secure COVID-19 Digital Management

GENETWORx’s Aura software, provided by Nucleus, provides patients and customers a total end to end digital management and medical data system which provides:

Antigen testinG

for Businesses

Group Covid-19

Discover our pooling options

How do we keep costs down? Discover Pool Testing!

“Pooled” or “pooling” COVID-19 testing is the encouraged way for testing a group of individuals for the coronavirus.  Essentially, a group of pooled samples are combined into one sample to run a single diagnostic test.  If there’s a positive, samples within that pool are automatically re-run to identify the positive.  Since most of the cost associated with COVID-19 testing is in the actual testing, you can save up to 50%!

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