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How can PCR nail testing help?

Traditional diagnosis for onychomycosis includes a microscopy and culture testing. Results can take up to two weeks.[1]

With GENETWORx there’s no need to wait. You’ll get fast and 99% accurate results for bacteria and fungus — within 24-48 hours of sample receipt.

We are experts in molecular diagnostic testing, a laboratory science that unites the precision of molecular biology with laboratory testing.[2] Our focus is guided by PCR technology, which amplifies DNA found in small testing samples to ensure a sample is robust enough to drive testing accuracy.[3]

PCR-based testing has been shown to increase sensitivity, specificity, and speed. A recent Journal of Medical Microbiology study found “PCR increased species-specific detection of dermatophytes by 21.1%, leading to a threefold increase as compared to culture alone.”[4]

An estimated 1 in 10 people have toenail fungus, according to the Cleveland Clinic. After age 70, that estimate increases to 1 in 2.[5]

The PCR Testing Advantage


GENETWORx can detect more than 30 different types of pathogens and deliver 99% accurate results within 24-48 hours of lab sample receipt.


GENETWORx molecular pathogen testing is more accurate than standard culture testing.  Our molecular pathogen testing detects anaerobic organisms growing deep inside that standard cultures often miss. [6]


Using a molecular approach, amplification of testing sample genetic material is faster than standard culture growth and delivers increased sensitivity and a quicker result. [7]


Our rapid turnaround time is within 24-28 hours from laboratory receipt.


Our simple to read report gives clinicians quick, actionable intelligence to make better treatment decisions.


Ability to identify pathogens when the patient is on empiric antibiotic treatment.

With molecular testing, not only can you receive a clear picture of the type and percent of pathogens causing the infection, in many cases, you can identify antimicrobial resistance.  With the power of molecular testing, you can select the optimal medication therapy for your patient, improve treatment outcomes and reduce healthcare spend.

99% Accurate PCR

GENETWORx PCR tests offer 99% accurate results.

Once GENETWORx receives a sample, clearly defined results are provided within 24-48 hours of receipt.

Patient-Specific Diagnostics

By partnering with GENETWORx, healthcare professionals can get quick, accurate results with one simple swab:

Personalized diagnostics, gives you the information you need to improve patient outcomes.

GENETWORx is your
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GENETWORx’s dedicated support team provides fast & accurate diagnostic results for efficient & effective nail treatment.


Dedicated Service

A dedicated team who understands your unique needs

You’ll have access to your dedicated account manager who can ensure you have what you need, when you need it. You’ll also be supported by our trained pharmacist (Pharm.D.) specialists who are available for consultation to discuss results and help determine the most appropriate drug and dose for your patients. You can be confident that GENETWORx is Your Partner in Personalized Medicine™.

Fast Results

By partnering with GENETWORx, healthcare professionals can get quick, accurate results with one simple swab.

How? Once GENETWORx receives a sample, 99% accurate results with pathogens clearly identified and defined are provided within 24-48 hours of receipt.

Smart Science

Lab expertise when you need it to help you interpret test results & more.

GENETWORx brings molecular diagnostic advancements to clinical practice for higher detection sensitivity than conventional methods.

Unsurpassed Support

GENETWORx provides fast turnaround times with advanced multiplexed analysis for accurate results.

We’ll pick up your samples, deliver testing supplies and even help coordinate collection when necessary.

Diagnose and treat nail infections quickly & efficiently.

By partnering with GENETWORx, healthcare professionals can get quick, accurate results with one simple swab.

Our nail PCR Panel includes:

What We Test For

GENETWORx’s panel tests for 30 pathogens & 18 antibiotic resistances with 1 swab sample for an all-in-one solution
Bacteria (Gram Positive)
Bacteria (Gram Negative)
Fungal Infection
Mycobacteria Infection

Antibiotic Resistance

Discover resistances from the same swab sample for an all-in-one solution
Antibiotic Resistance