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GENETWORx: The Gold Standard in COVID-19 Diagnostic Testing

GENETWORx is a nationwide leader in diagnostic and antibody testing for COVID-19. The GENETWORx nasopharyngeal COVID-19 diagnosis test is the gold standard for detecting infection in the earliest stage and is 99% accurate, so you don’t have to worry about false negatives. The GENETWORx saliva COVID-19 diagnostic test is over 98% accurate. And, with the flu season underway, the GENETWORx Flu A-B/COVID combination test is ideal for diagnosing patients that could be infected with influenza A or B, COVID-19, or RSV.

Not only is accuracy of paramount importance with COVID-19 testing, but so is timing. GENETWORx offers one of the fastest results-reporting platforms in the world. Has your lab let you down with results in 10+ days? With GENETWORx, you will receive your results at your fingertips via your phone or computer in less than 72 hours.

End-to-End Virus Control

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By calling 610-726-1205 or completing this form, a GENETWORx Sales Representative will partner with you to set up an account, and you’ll receive access to the GENETWORx portal for future test results.


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Within 24 hours, diagnostic testing kits or antibody testing supplies will arrive at your location.


Complete the Tests

Send the specimen back to a GENETWORx lab via the provided bag and prepaid FedEx package.


Receive Results in Less Than 72 Hours

Results will be available in less than 72 hours. Patients can access their results via phone, text or the online GENETWORx portal.


You Need Accurate, Rapid COVID-19 Diagnostic Test Results

GENETWORx provides a 99% accurate nasopharyngeal test and a saliva test with an accuracy greater than 98%. You will have your results from either test in less than 72 hours.

All-Encompassing Virus Control Services

The unique Aura software ensures a safe, compliant workforce by managing COVID-19 testing, prevention, and mitigation. The mobile application coordinates testing appointments and sequences, appointment reminders, symptom checking, and more to keep your population healthy and thriving. GENETWORx also provides on-site testing and collection services, so your population can be in and out and on with their day.

GENETWORx is CAP accredited & CLIA certified

GENETWORx is dedicated to providing high-quality care, which is why we have our CAP accreditation and CLIA certification. Both of these are the gold standard in laboratory service and high complexity laboratory testing in all fields of service.


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