As Mental Health Disorders Skyrocket Among Teens and Young Adults, GENETWORx Offers Pharmacogenetic Approach that Improves Ability to Treat Patients with the Right Medication at the Right Dose

Bill Introduced in the U.S. House Seeks Reduction of Adverse Drug Reactions by Raising Awareness and Utilization of Pharmacogenetic Testing

GLEN ALLEN, Va., March 2, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — With limited or no extracurricular activities for long periods of time, isolation, and school closings over the past two years, American teens and young adults are being diagnosed with an unprecedented number of mental health illnesses both prior to and amidst the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.

Gx PGx testing assists doctors and patients in determining the right medication at the right dose.


Choosing the right medication to treat these conditions can be difficult as every person’s body and genetic make-up is different. Because the process of finding the right drug can be painful, frustrating, and time consuming, doctors need tools to assist in determining which medications and dosages are best to handle psychiatric conditions such as depression, anxiety, and ADHD as well as other medical conditions. Finding the right drug can also be dangerous as nearly five percent of deaths in the U.S. are due to drug toxicities.

GENETWORx Laboratories identified this gap in healthcare services back in 2013 and began bridging that gap with pharmacogenetic or PGx testing that assists doctors in finding the right medications and right dosage the first time based on a patient’s DNA.

Also called “personalized medicine,” PGx testing is now in the spotlight with a bill recently introduced in the U.S. House of Representatives called the Right Drug Right Dose Now Act which seeks to accelerate education and use of pharmacogenetic (PGx) testing to help prevent adverse drug reactions and to facilitate the integration of drug response-related genomic information into patient care.

“Without knowing which medication will be the optimal choice for a given patient, it can be trial and error for a physician—they pick a medication based on their past experience or drug prescribing information in the hope that the patient’s body responds effectively to it. Personalized medicine using PGx testing in conjunction with other diagnostic tools takes much of the guesswork out of medication effectiveness,” said Dr. Stacey Blankenship, PharmD., of GENETWORx Laboratories.

According to Dr. Blankenship, knowing a person’s genetic makeup through PGx testing helps identify drugs that the body can breakdown and metabolize. The metabolism of a drug can have important consequences on its therapeutic effect or its toxicity. For instance, whether the drug will be metabolized by the body too quickly or too slowly to be effective,” she said.

According to a recent National Institutes of Health study, pharmacogenetic testing “has the potential to decrease morbidity, decrease treatment-emergent side effects, improve treatment response, decrease inpatient admissions and readmissions due to lack of efficacy or side effects, and cost of care for the patient and his or her family.”

PGx testing is non-invasive utilizing a simple swab of the patient’s cheek. It can be utilized by any patient who takes medication for both psychiatric and medical illnesses. Physicians are utilizing GENETWORx PGx testing to inform their medication decisions for patients who are scheduled for surgery, for geriatric patients on multiple medications in assisted living facilities, and for many other medical illnesses as well as for behavioral health diagnoses. Further, Medicare may cover the test for many conditions as do numerous private insurers.

“It’s really an extraordinary tool that gives the provider and the patient additional confidence that the right medication has been selected the first time,” said Blankenship.

For more information on PGx testing, ask your doctor. Providers or patients can also click here or call 855-488-2618.

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