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GENETWORx Laboratory, located in Glen Allen, Virginia, began in 2013 with the targeted focus of impacting, improving, and innovating the lives of all people by empowering physicians with the information and results they need through pharmacogenomics. GENETWORx Laboratory identified a gap in healthcare services between the lab and pharmacy: Every body is different — why shouldn’t medications be the same way? Knowing your genetic makeup will help identify drugs that your body can actually breakdown and metabolize. Otherwise, it can be a guessing game — picking a medication and hoping your body responds effectively to it. Personalized medicine takes the guesswork out of medication effectiveness. We were determined to make genetic results more actionable, so we added the pharmacist to the equation to provide therapeutic recommendations based on the individual’s genetic makeup.

With the combination of pharmacology and genomics (the study of genes and their functions), GENETWORx Laboratory joined the pharmacogenomics industry. We developed an effective test focused on the individual and their genetic makeup, which can help identify the most appropriate medication and dose, tailored specifically to your genetic makeup. In other words, because the medication is tailored specifically in a way the patient will respond best to, it will be more effective.

GENETWORx Laboratory is a health management service company that specializes in bringing the benefits of genetic testing to the patient, via a network of our expert healthcare providers with extensive knowledge and experience in personalized medicine and pharmacogenomics. We are happy to work with all healthcare providers.

GENETWORx is certified according to the Clinical Laboratory Improvement Amendment (CLIA) for high complexity laboratory testing in all fields of service. Achieving the CAP accreditation combined with the CLIA certification demonstrates GENETWORx’s unwavering commitment to patient care.



Purpose and Scope

Based in Glen Allen, The LIS (Laboratory Information System) Administrator has three primary areas of responsibility:

  • Managing the day to day operation and maintenance of the Harvest and Copia systems. Harvest and Copia are the internal information systems utilized by Genetworx for the registration, tracking, and reporting of patient test results.
  • Managing the provision of support to both external (referrers and other external users of Orchard Copia) and internal customers (laboratory staff).
  • Leading the planning for and scheduling of LIS related enhancements and projects.


General Expectations

The job holder will be intimately familiar with (or will become intimately familiar with) all facets of Harvest and Copia, including related systems and processes. The job holder will develop a clear understanding of the laboratory and how it utilizes Harvest and Copia systems. The job holder will be able to identify and understand issues that may impact the day to day operations of the laboratory as well as be able to offer support and advice to both end users and management.


The LIS Administrator will proactively assist in the maintenance and improvement of systems and procedures so the department and laboratory functions as effectively and efficiently as possible. With a strong customer focus and the skills required to communicate effectively with both end users and system developers. The LIS Administrator will play an active role in maintaining a positive team environment across the company.


The LIS Administrator will be familiar with and follow all policies and procedures in the organization that provide guidance and set down requirements for all people working at Genetworx and will understand and follow all appropriate industry codes of ethics and relevant legislation.



Key internal working relationships


Department team members All internal systems users


Key external working relationships

All external customers — Clinics, Hospitals and users of Copia Suppliers of the equipment interacting with Harvest and Copia


Reports to

Senior Director of Business Operations

Key Responsibilities

Performance Standards / Expectations

Operations & maintenance


Develops and maintains knowledge of,

Work is performed to a competent level, efficiently and

and competency in all required areas

accurately, and meets all the required quality standards.



· Harvest and Copia and associated software (e.g. Customer Service Module, Data Browser)

· SQL and Reporting

· Machine Integration


Technical manuals and other written resources are written



clearly, accurately, and appropriately to the target user




















Oversee the day to day monitoring of the

The LIS functions effectively with minimal outage.

LIS including:

Tasks are completed in a timely and accurate manner in

HL7 acknowledgment process

accordance with company procedures.

Fax queues

Issues/faults are escalated to the appropriate staff member

Fax errors

on a timely basis.

– Print and HL7 runs


Billing runs


Analyzer interfaces







Oversee the setup and maintenance of:

Tasks are completed in a timely and accurate manner in

New Provider Accounts

accordance with company procedures.



Oversee the carrying out of regular Orchard and Copia related maintenance tasks including:

Tasks are completed in a timely and accurate manner in


accordance with company procedures.



– Audit of Harvest and Copia user accounts


Software enhancements and patch loads.




* Oversee the support and administration

Tasks are completed in a timely and accurate manner in

of Harvest and Copia including

accordance with company procedures.

account maintenance

Service is responsive, and positive feedback is received

password resets

from external customers.

– level 1 and 2 end user support

Calls and emails are logged and tracked in help desk


Other Key Responsibilities:

  • Assists medical director in the compliance of the clinical systems to ensure that all systems are compliant with all applicable accrediting agency standards including, but not limited to, CAP, and CLIA.
  • Monitor systems including, dynamic downloading for analyzers, schedule manager, match results and fix orders queues, report queues, purge log, error log, and report and related activities.
  • Troubleshoots errors/problems with the LIS reported by the MT’s.
  • Testing and implementation of interfaces with reference laboratories and all new analyzers. Ensures accuracy of data transmission across interfaces.
  • Update test menu including new tests, change in test location, normal values, reference ranges.
  • Assists Clinical with the system design of screens, user profiles, master file changes and system decision.
  • Helps to plan system implementations and upgrades.
  • Tests vendor software releases and upgrades prior to implementation to fully identify problems before going live.
  • Manages system downtime and ensures that back-up procedures are defined and implemented.
  • Troubleshooting of hardware/software issues between analyzers and LIS.
  • Create and update new location and new accounts, create and edit provider and LIS user accounts, perform patient account merges, change or correct patient orders, research and correct result report delivery errors.
  • Maintain & update Customer LIS-EMR Interfaces compendium.
  • Create custom reporting browsers including automation when necessary.
  • Supporting the sales team in the field as they work with customers getting set up with Copia.
  • Training and training materials to support internal staff and customers


To be effective in this position, the staff member should display competency in the following areas:

  • Previous LIMS/LIS Administration of Orchard product, specifically Harvest and Copia
  • A laboratory background
  • Knowledgeable about HL7
  • Data/SQL Analysis
  • Excellent computer literacy
  • Excellent people management skills
  • Great interpersonal skills
  • Project management skills
  • Excellent technical writing skills
  • Analytical and problem-solving skills
  • Personal organization and planning skills
  • Conscientous, responsible, proactive, and punctual


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