Welcome to Genetworx, Your Partner in Personalized MedicineTM. Genetworx offers a key to personalized health: drug-response genetic testing that helps patients, doctors, pharmacists, and health plan sponsors determine the right dose, of the right medication, for the best patient outcome – minimizing adverse reactions and offering patients truly Personalized Medicine.



Our scientists have the expertise and knowledge to develop custom assays and perform testing following your required guidelines.


We combine advancements in molecular diagnostics and drug discovery science into actionable patient-centered diagnostics to help physicians determine the most appropriate treatment regimen for each patient.


GENETWORx-ID, a division of GENETWORx provides trusted accurate human identity services including DNA testing of criminal evidence, expert witness, training and consulting, mass disasters, cold cases, immigration and questions of paternity.

We welcome your questions. Please allow up to 24 hours for us to formulate the best response. Thank you!