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The World’s First COVID-19 Testing Program That Integrates with Campus Security

GENETWORx has pioneered the most effective COVID-19 testing platform for immediate viral detection, and reporting   on college, university, and school district campuses. Only schools partnering with GENETWORx will have the tools they need to be pro-active,  and be able to give students, faculty, staff, and their families the confidence needed to return to school and feel safe. GENETWORx provides both the nasopharyngeal test and the saliva test to be conducted on-site at campuses. Both of these tests yield unbeatable accuracy, with the nasopharyngeal test having 99% sensitivity and specificity, and the saliva test yielding greater than 98% accuracy. GENETWORx also provides a Flu A-B/COVID Combo Test that detects two types of influenza viruses—influenza A and B—and differentiates them from RSV, and COVID-19. This combination test has a >96% accuracy rate for each virus.

GENETWORx is truly your one-stop partner in COVID-19 testing. In addition to providing on-site testing, GENETWORx can mail self- collection diagnostic COVID-19 Nasal Swab Test Kits to the homes of your students, faculty and staff.  The GENETWORx COVID-19 Nasal Swab Test Kit received FDA emergency use authorization and is convenient, accurate and safe. With your order, students, faculty and staff can receive a test kit to their address with the supplies and instructions needed to conduct a test, as well as the FedEx return mailer.  Results are shared electronically with both them and your school’s leadership through an easy-to-use app, Aura, within 48 hours of lab receipt.  Perfect for students, faculty and staff to receive and complete prior to coming onto campus at the start of a new semester or post break, or should they be returning to campus after a personal time of leave. Click to learn more about the self-collection COVID-19 Nasal Swab Test Kit option.

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Sequential Coronavirus Testing for Student and Faculty

College, university, and school district campuses have the perfect conditions for contracting and quickly spreading the coronavirus. Consequently, COVID-19 threatens to shut down classes, suspend sports, and close campuses this year.

Combine the impacts of coronavirus with rising concerns over applying to colleges, student debt, the growing number of white-collar jobs that do not require bachelor’s degrees, and the increasing popularity of “gap years” and it’s easy to understand why coronavirus is greatly accelerating concerns of the “college bubble” bursting.

Colleges and school districts simply can’t afford to let fears and anxieties around coronavirus be the reason students, faculty, and staff continue to not return to school.

Colleges and school districts partnering with GENETWORx offer comprehensive  testing protocols while preserving the quality of life for students, faculty, and staff.

Colleges and school districts partnering with GENETWORx will offer fully-compliant testing protocols while preserving the quality of life for students, faculty, and staff. Through sequential testing schedules, GENETWORx reduces the time and strain of COVID-19 testing without compromising the ability to quickly identify cases of COVID-19 within the student population.

GENETWORx is the most effective end-to-end testing and viral suppression program in the United States and is the only program with the technology capable of evolving with testing and security requirements to immediately and indefinitely keep college campuses safe and compliant.

GENETWORx The One Stop Solution for COVD-19 Testing for the Following Colleges and Universities

GENETWORx Back to School Program is dedicated to mitigating COVID-19 at the following colleges and universities to get their students back on campus and their athletes back on the field.

Designed to Prioritize Safety

The GENETWORx COVID-19 service is specifically designed to prioritize the safety of college and school district employees and students.

GENETWORx works directly with staff members, including campus security, health offices, professors, teachers, advisors, school boards, presidents, and the board of trustees to implement a custom and comprehensive testing protocol to specifically protect every student, faculty, and staff member. GENETWORx is the United States’ only viral detection and suppression platform and it’s specifically designed to prioritize the safety of college and school district employees and students.

GENETWORx is dedicated to protecting school districts, college faculty, staff members, and their families from COVID-19. Our instant-notification platform alerts every employee the moment a person on or around the campus has tested positive for COVID-19, helping everyone to immediately implement social-distancing, shelter-in-place, or quarantine protocols.

Every school district, college, and university that partners with GENETWORx for COVID-19 testing and outbreak suppression is committed to protecting our nation’s educators, campus staff members, their families, and students and to ensure the continuation of America’s education of students.

Aura: The COVID-19 Reporting and Security Software

Aura, the proprietary COVID-19 reporting and security software from GENETWORx, tracks sequential testing results and provides dashboards, accurate reporting, and important health data reflecting the COVID-19 status of your business.

Aura can easily integrate with your business’ security system, enabling you to screen for untested and coronavirus-positive persons at entry points to your workplace. Using standard QR-readers, Aura can cross reference individuals entering the workplace with their most recent COVID-19 test results, creating a discrete and effective way to suppress the presence of the contagion.

Aura is HIPAA compliant and can be customized to meet the needs of your specific business. GENETWORx can conduct independent assessments of your workplace and provide tailored security solutions to greatly mitigate the risks associated with COVID-19.

To learn more about Aura, click here.

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Keeping Parents Informed and Confident

GENETWORx wants every parent to have absolute confidence that his or her child is being proactively protected from COVID-19 while attending college. This is why GENETWORx created a broad notification platform that will alert parents if a person at their child’s college has tested positive for COVID-19 and what immediate protocols are being enacted to shield their child from a viral outbreak.

Colleges and universities partnering with GENETWORx don’t want parents to feel fearful of welcoming their child home over breaks or visiting with their child during the semester. This is why GENETWORx extends testing protocols to parents and loved ones of college students. With this groundbreaking system, parents are proactively reducing the likelihood of either passing COVID-19 to their child or contracting COVID-19 from their child.

GENETWORx has received FDA emergency use authorization to send self-collected diagnostic COVID-19 Nasal Swab Test Kits to the homes of students, faculty and staff.  With GENETWORx by your side, your population can obtain and self-administer convenient, accurate COVID-19 tests in the safety of their homes, and ensure they receive COVID-19 negative results before returning to campus. Click to learn more about the self-collection COVID-19 Nasal Swab Test Kit option.

GENETWORx, in partnership with colleges and universities across America, is taking the fear out of the back-to-school season for millions of families.

Coronavirus Testing Beyond Campus

It is equally imperative that colleges have extensive testing protocols and that those protocols don’t prevent students, faculty, and staff from leading an enjoyable lifestyle away from campus.

GENETWORx has created a safe-perimeter program that allows participating businesses and venues around the college to implement the same testing protocols and security systems that identify and suppress COVID-19 infections.

This low-cost offering will help the community thrive when schools reopen. The system also extends reporting and contact-tracing to create a safer environment overall.

Returning to School is Possible With GENETWORx

GENETWORx is reserving capacity for colleges and universities on a first-come, first-served basis.
Contact us now to ensure your school is outfitted with the world’s best COVID-19 testing and security program.

University FAQs

Parents and students will “opt out” from returning to school if they do not feel safe.

If those who return are not tested, there is serious risk of a renewed and substantial outbreak, specific to that university.

A university can use sequential testing as a selling tool to “INCREASE” enrollment.

GENETWORx provides updated dashboards on each of the sequential dates when testing occurs. Reporting will include who was tested, who has not been tested, and test results. Quarantine standards and protocol is established in partnership with the school. GENETWORx also reports directly to the governmental agencies and provides digital contact tracing capability within its software.

Aura allows users to carry a traditional security badge or a printed QR code to gain acess to the safe perimeter in the same way the smartphone app will. Your QR code will not change and will always be tied to your more recent test results, so you don’t need to worry about reprinting QR codes after each testing period.

The GENETWORx sequential testing for population management system will send you regular reminders when you are due for tests as well as notify you when you’ve missed your scheduled test.

You will also have the ability to request a different testing date and time in the event you have a scheduling conflict or an emergency.

Students who fail to submit a test and have an outdated QR code will be denied access inside the safe perimeter and campus facilities. Depending on the state and federal regulations, your school may require you stay in quarantine until an up-to-date test is processed.

Sure! While the school has to maintain testing protocols to meet federal and state regulations, GENETWORx gives you the option to request a different date or time for your test if a conflict arises. So long as you aren’t breaking state and federal guidelines or your school’s policies, you are allowed to periodically move the date and time of your weekly test.

Every student, faculty member, and employee on campus will be registered with the GENETWORx portal which automatically schedules testing sequences. If you are using the Aura software, your phone will send you reminders for your tests every week. If you aren’t using the Aura smartphone app, you will receive reminders via email every week. Students can also check the Aura website for testing dates.

Theoretically, yes. The GENETWORx sequential testing for population management program is not intended to eradicate the presence or transmission of COVID-19. GENETWORx is the most accurate and comprehensive way to identify and suppress COVID-19 on college campuses. Sequential testing is the most effective way to sample the college population–students, faculty, and staff–and catch cases of COVID-19 early on.

Using contact tracing, the health center can order testing of select individuals or groups to help identify any transmissions and order distancing and quarantine protocols to mitigate the spread. Aside from isolated-quarantining, sequential testing is the absolute best way to mitigate the risks of COVID-19 infection and outbreak.

GENETWORx is dedicated to preserving “life as we knew it.” We want the impacts of COVID-19, including testing and safety standards, to have as little negative impact on the lives of students, faculty, and staff on college campuses as possible. Our sequential testing for population management will allow you to enjoy the confidence of unparalleled safety and the world’s most accurate testing. At the same time, sequential testing poses minimal disruption to your daily life or campus experience.
GENETWORx strictly adheres to HIPPA regulations for both confidentiality and anonymity. If a student, faculty memeber, or staff member comes down with COVID-19, all personal information about that individual is kept private. GENETWORx will have the ability to coordinate with the health center to send out appropriate notification to the rest of the campus population. Additional tests may be ordered for people who recently came in contact with you, social distancing may be implemented while test results are pending, and quarantine may be ordered if additional cases are processed. All of this happens without disclosing your personal information.

The cost varies based on the testing sequence per semester per student. We will bill the student. We will also provide recourse financing to the university for the student thereby minimizing the cost to the university. In some cases, the first test can be reimbursed entirely by insurance.

For more information on our testing capabilities or for instructions on the gathering of samples, please contact GENETWORx by: