GENETWORx COVID-19 Testing, Screening, and Security Solutions for State and Local Governments

GENETWORx: Total State and Federal Testing Compliance

The rapidly evolving COVID-19 test kits and testing standards have many state and local government officials feeling overwhelmed and understaffed throughout the pandemic. The processes by which COVID-19 tests are manufactured, ordered, administered, processed, and reported have all been adjusted with such frequency that even the most attentive health professionals and government officials may be unaware of today’s current laws and regulations.

GENETWORx is partnering with state and local governments to bring fully-compliant testing kits and standards to every municipality across the country. We provide the world’s most accurate COVID-19 tests and are dedicated to remaining the leading name in coronavirus testing, screening, and security. State and local governments partnered with GENETWORx will receive the most current, accurate, and compliant test kits with every shipment.

GENETWORx provides the nasopharyngeal test and the saliva test, both of which yield unbeatably accuracy. Our nasopharyngeal test is the gold standard in COVID-19 testing, with 99% sensitivity and specificity. Our saliva test has an accuracy greater than 98%. GENETWORx also provides a Flu A-B/COVID Combo Test that detects two types of influenza viruses—influenza A and B—and differentiates them from RSV, and COVID-19. This combination test has a >96% accuracy rate for each virus. We have the manufacturing capacity and versatility to guarantee every partnering government will receive the number of test kits necessary to meet demand, even when testing regulations change.

GENETWORx takes the guesswork out of COVID-19 testing compliance. We are the premier partner for bulk testing and are ready to serve your municipalities today.

COVID-19 Could Lead to the Demise of Business of All Kinds

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Brian Cornell, CEO of Target

U.S. citizens are afraid to go back to work and will not re-enage with retail, restaurants, the hospitality industry, etc. without more confidence in the status of COVID-19
US trade deficit jumps amid
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Trade Deficit Graph

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Aura: The Most Comprehensive Reporting and Contact Tracing Software

Identifying and suppressing COVID-19 through state and local governments requires more than just testing. Aura, proprietary reporting and contact tracing software from GENETWORx, helps government agencies and officials quickly identify and immediately suppress cases of COVID-19, mitigating risks of an outbreak.

Aura’s digital dashboards visualize the most pertinent data to create actionable information, guiding safety protocols, identifying contamination hotspots, and understanding threat levels. Heatmaps and contact tracing are also available. These dynamic display maps not only show the most active points of viral contraction but also enable predictive analysis which allows healthcare professionals to get ahead of the spread and initiate suppressive measures.

Aura dashboards can be accessed by patients, health professionals, and government officials via smartphone application. The dashboards help identify the rate-of-spread for the virus, track the effectiveness of suppression protocols, identify hotspots for contraction, quantify the population testing positive for COVID-19 antibodies, and provide predictive modeling based on contact tracing.

The Aura smartphone application’s user interface will clearly display all testing locations via map overlay and zip code listing as well as each location’s hours of operation. Aura can coordinate testing times and sequences (when applicable) to prevent long lines or overcrowding at each testing facility. Lastly, the app will send notifications and reminders regarding testing to help ensure effective broad-scale testing and actionable results for local and state government officials.

Contact tracing can only be implemented through an opt-in feature of the Aura smartphone application.

To learn more about Aura, click here.

COVID-19 Testing for Minority Populations

Many state and local governments are seeing higher infection rates and mortality rates from COVID-19 due to their relative population of Black and Hispanic persons. These ethnic groups have been found to be four-to-five times more likely to contract COVID-19 when compared to Asian and White persons in the same area. This has left many minority groups, community leaders, and elected officials searching for immediate and effective solutions.

GENETWORx is devoted to preventing minority populations from being unfairly victimized by the coronavirus pandemic and is actively partnering with at-risk communities to develop custom testing, screening, and security protocols. Our goal is to enable minority communities to react quickly to cases of COVID-19 and suppress further infection through social-distancing, shelter-in-place, and quarantine protocols.

GENETWORx wants to keep our most at-risk citizens informed of and prepared for COVID-19 outbreaks and will work closely with state and local governments to ensure every community’s unique history with the pandemic is considered while developing a plan of action. We are committed to bring unparalleled service and unequivocal support to minority communities across the country.

COVID-19 Testing, Screening, and Security for Public Schools

While available data suggests children under 18 are less likely to display symptoms of COVID-19, it remains unclear whether they are as likely to spread COVID-19 to other persons. The uncertainty around the infection rate from children has made the thought of returning to school in the Fall particularly concerning.

Teachers, in particular, have been very vocal about their concerns that their district’s testing and screening procedures are inadequate. Teachers will be conducting in-person instruction in front of dozens or hundreds of students every day, making teaching one of the most potentially exposed professions. To complicate matters, many school districts lack the funding necessary for disposable PPE for every teacher, administrator, staff member, and student.

GENETWORx is currently partnering with local and state governments to implement Sequential Testing for Population Management in public schools. This program, which has been implemented by colleges, nursing homes, and businesses across the country, is the most comprehensive system for identifying and suppressing COVID-19 within contained populations.

Unlike many district testing policies in place, Sequential Testing for Population Management expands the testing audiences and frequencies to mitigate risk for every student, faculty member, and staff member inside the school. This program optimizes the rate at which people are tested, provides reporting on processed COVID-19 tests and organizes appropriate safety procedures in the event a positive test is returned. With GENETWORx, schools will have the insight and preparedness to feel more comfortable.

Aura software can be integrated with schools to help increase COVID-19 screening and security. Using QR-scanning technology, school administrators, resource officers, and security guards can verify every person entering the school building has recently and verifiably tested negative for COVID-19.

COVID-19 Testing and Security Protocols for Government Buildings

Government buildings, like City Hall, the post office, and courthouses are heavily trafficked with heavy individual turnover. The threat of COVID-19 has put many essential government functions on hold including court hearings and licensures.

GENETWORx’s Sequential Testing for Population Management to create safe perimeters around essential government buildings, allowing legal procedures and necessary services to resume.

Aura, the proprietary COVID-19 reporting and screening software from GENETWORx, can easily integrate with existing security systems and help prevent untested or coronavirus-positive individuals from entering government buildings. Through simple QR-reader technology, government buildings will have an added layer of security as well as more detailed data to help maintain a coronavirus-free environment.

GENETWORx is proud to be an ally to local and state governments and is dedicated to helping restore “life as we once knew it.” Reserve your testing capacity now.

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