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Nursing homes and long-term care facilities are the global focal-point for the COVID-19 pandemic. According to the CDC, nursing home residents represent nearly half of all COVID-19 infections and over ⅓ of all COVID-19 attributable deaths in the United States.

Nursing homes will only remain open if they immediately and indefinitely create systems to keep their resident population protected from coronavirus.

Ensuring the health and safety of nursing home residents demands more than sporadic testing alone. GENETWORx is the largest provider of sequential COVID-19 tests to nursing homes and the provider of the most sophisticated security protocol platform specifically designed for nursing home security.

Nursing homes that partner with GENETWORx are prioritizing the safety and well-being of every resident and staff member by providing routine testing, fast viral detection, and effective outbreak suppression. GENETWORx gives every person living or working in a senior care facility the compliance and confidence they desperately need to feel safe from COVID-19.

Nursing Homes Face Scrutiny and Closure While
Demand for Long-Term Care Continues To Rise

Prior to COVID-19
Nursing Home Burnout

of all nurses working inside nursing homes would turnover annually due to “burnout”

During the pandemic

Some nursing homes needed to evacuate residents because
of nurses and staff quit over fears for their own health and safety

The number of senior citizens in the US is steadily increasing, indicating people are living longer and, therefore, are in more need of long-term care. However, the number of nursing homes in the US continues to decline year over year.

COVID-19 testing at nursing homes

“Nursing homes with strong COVID-19 testing and security screening standards will benefit from less employee turnover and less contested market demand.”

Nursing homes are the focal point for COVID-19 infections and deaths
Outbreak map

Don’t let your facility experience the next deadly outbreak.
Keep your business open and safe with GENETWORx.

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Sequential Coronavirus Testing for Senior Care Residents

An active and social lifestyle is one of the greatest benefits of nursing homes, assisted-living residences and long-term care facilities. The infection rate and mortality rate of COVID-19 poses a very serious threat to senior citizens, necessitating social distancing and quarantines which prevent nursing home residents from direct interaction. This not only makes nursing homes less enjoyable for the residents, it also eliminates personal independence, increases the risk of depression and anxiety and suppresses the immune system.

GENETWORx is working to restore the quality of life, health and personal independence of senior citizens living in nursing homes. Through sequential testing for population management, GENETWORx provides the world’s most effective and minimally invasive testing, monitoring, and security protocol specifically developed for nursing homes.

GENETWORx empowers nursing homes to quickly identify and suppress the coronavirus, allowing residents to feel safe and comfortable every day.

Meet State-Specific COVID-19 Regulations and Laws for Nursing Homes

Sequential Coronavirus Testing for Nursing Home Staff

When evaluating the probability of COVID-19 infection, the staff at nursing homes and long-term care facilities are working in the most at-risk field in the world. It’s understandable that many of these staff members are fearful for their own lives as well as the lives of their loved ones, causing many of these hard working people to consider quitting their job.

GENETWORx is committed to protecting the health and well-being of every essential employee at nursing homes, assisted-living residences, and long-term care facilities in the United States. By providing nursing homes with the world’s first dedicated testing system for employees and staff, workers can take comfort in knowing that everyone they come in contact with on the job--including visitors, doctors, and colleagues--have already passed rigorous screening protocols.

GENETWORx ensures nursing home staff members will receive immediate notice whenever a positive COVID-19 test has been processed and will have instructions on how to quickly initiate safety protocols to prevent an outbreak.

The GENETWORx security integration will also prevent any non-residents or staff who are untested or coronavirus-positive from entering the facility or coming in contact with residents.

Nursing homes outfitted with the proprietary GENETWORx sequential COVID-19 testing platform are transformed into one of the safest and most secure places to work. GENETWORx keeps essential workers and their families healthy from the coronavirus.

GENETWORx staff testing


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Keeping Family Members Informed of Their Loved One’s Nursing Home’s COVID-19 Status

Fears over a coronavirus outbreak inside a nursing home are not limited to the residents and workers inside the facility. Families all over the country are worried for parents and grandparents who are dependent on long-term care.

The instant-reporting and suppression protocol developed by GENETWORx specifically for nursing home residents and their families alleviates the anxiety around COVID-19. Nursing homes partnering with GENETWORx will automatically and immediately send notice of a positive COVID-19 test, the steps being taken to suppress outbreak, and any additional precautionary testing required.

GENETWORx also offers specific risk-mitigation notification, including specific instructions for recent visitors to the facility, fellow residents who may have come in contact with an infected person, and all staff members.

Aura App

Aura: The COVID-19 Reporting and Security Software

Aura, the proprietary COVID-19 reporting and security software provided by GENETWORx, enables nursing homes to instantly implement viral testing and suppression protocols for every resistant and staff member.

Aura will instantly and automatically coordinate the sequential testing schedule for every resident and staff member and will alert every user immediately in the event a positive COVID-19 test is processed. Individuals registered with Aura will also receive confidential test results and reminders when testing is required.

Aura also provides the health professionals and staff members with high-level daily dashboards to track sequential testing compliance, viral detection, and quarantine statuses.

Aura seamlessly integrates with a nursing home’s current security system via standard access badges or a smartphone app to ensure every person in the facility is 100% compliant with the most current testing standards. Aura prevents any untested or COVID-19-positive persons from accessing the facility or coming in contact with residents.

To learn more about Aura, click here.

Keep Long-Term Care Facilities Open and Residents Safe With GENETWORx

GENETWORx is reserving capacity for nursing homes on a first-come, first-served basis. Contact us now to ensure your facility is outfitted with the world’s best COVID-19 testing and security program.

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Nursing Home FAQs

I don't like the feeling of the nasal swab. Is there a more gentle test for coronavirus?

Currently, the FDA and CDC have only approved the deep-nasal swab for COVID-19 testing and processing. However, GENETWORx is currently developing faster and less-invasive testing options which will increase the efficacy of the sequential testing program for population management.

GENETWORx will evolve it's protocols to meet or exceed state and federal regulations, keeping your nursing home on the cutting edge for identifying and suppressing COVID-19.

GENETWORx has developed an FDA-approved shallow-nasal swab which will be far more comfortable for patients. This test is currently undergoing further development to ensure it is just as accurate as the deep nasal swab.

My nursing home doesn't have many residents. Will sequential testing still work?

Yes! Sequential testing involves every person who may enter your nursing home. Staff, doctors, nurses, delivery persons, shuttle drivers, regularly visiting family members, and more will all be incorporated into the sequential testing population.

However, even if the population of your specific nursing home is very confined and very small, sequential testing is still more effective than one-day bulk-testing dates.

Lastly, sequential testing is less prone to wide-sweeping human error or batch errors in the testing process. This helps avoid the need to retest people.

If a coronavirus vaccine is found, will my nursing home no longer need sequential testing?

No. Many medical experts believe a vaccine for COVID-19 will do more to suppress the symptoms of the virus rather than eliminate the infection altogether. Symptoms of COVID-19 will also likely experience varying degrees of severity from one person to the next, meaning a vaccine won't be as effective for every person equally. Just like the flu, COVID-19 will be a somewhat common and very serious ailment every year and, because senior citizens are most susceptible, your nursing home should be implementing long-term testing and suppression protocols.

Isn't daily testing safer and more effective than sequential testing?

No. Based on the current infection-rate of COVID-19, the difference between daily bulk-testing for the entire population is statistically insignificant from sequential testing. Even hourly bulk-testing would not yield results fast enough to prove it could catch instances of COVID-19 any faster than sequential testing.

GENETWORx's sequential testing for population management adds integrated security to your nursing home to significantly improve the effectiveness of the sequential testing and immediately suppress the risk of outbreak should a resident or staff member test positive for COVID-19

Can my nursing home give me a test that immediately determines if I have coronavirus?

GENETWORx is currently developing a rapid on-site test that will allow residents to know within minutes if they are currently infected with COVID-19. You will automatically receive this test as soon as it is available if your nursing home is partnered with GENETWORx.

GENETWORx will immediately and on and ongoing basis provide your nursing home with the most effective and fastest tests on the market, allowing you to feel safe and comfortable every day.

I don't want my nursing home to have high-tech security. What options do I have?

The beauty of the GENETWORx sequential testing and security program is in its simplicity. By integrating GENETWORx's proprietary software, Aura, with your nursing home's existing security systems, you will notice minimal change to your daily life.

For the most part, your security badge will act as a key or "EZ-Pass" within your building, allowing you to move freely while reassuring you that every person in each room has been adequately tested before you enter. It's a very easy-to-use and extremely effective means for mitigating your risk of contracting COVID-19.

How will employees of my nursing home be tested?

Your state and federal government will have regulations for non-resident testing which will be strictly implemented for every employee, visitor, staff member, doctor, nurse, and orderly inside your nursing home.

GENETWORx will work with your specific nursing home to build the most comprehensive testing standards for commuters and non-residents to mitigate the risks of COVID-19 entering your nursing home and spreading throughout the population.

How will GENETWORx protect employees of nursing homes?

GENETWORx provides the world's most accurate COVID-19 test kits and ensures immediate and ongoing COVID-19 testing compliance. Once GENETWORx integrates with your nursing home, you will have the best and most comprehensive sequential testing for population management and fully-integrated security protocols that will help keep every resident, employee, safe and healthy.

Employees will be notified within seconds of GENETWORx processing a positive COVID-19 test via our proprietary Aura software and smartphone application. Aura will also work with employees to coordinate the appropriate response to a positive test, immediately initiating protocols to suppress the spread of COVID-19.

GENETWORx is committed to protecting America's essential workers inside nursing homes every day and we will continuously evolve to provide the most cutting-edge testing and security protocols. With GENETWORx, every nursing home employee will feel safe to return to work.

I don't own a cellular phone. How will I get through my nursing home's security?

GENETWORx coordinates with the security system in your nursing home via proprietary computer software called Aura. Optionally, Aura can be installed on a cellular smartphone and act as a security clearance badge. However, if you do not have a smartphone or don't wish to use a phone for security clearance, a traditional badge can be used just as easily. The staff of your nursing home will help you obtain and use your security badge on-site should you need it.

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