GENETWORx Is Empowering Businesses To Reopen, Stay Open, and Prosper During The Pandemic

COVID-19 Testing and Screening for Offices and Workplaces

The concerns over coronavirus have many employers and employees feeling uncomfortable with returning to the office, factory, store, or workplace. In fact, fears of COVID-19 infection and outbreak have forced many employees to quit their jobs and employers to shutter their businesses. Many economists believe fears over COVID-19 may actually put entire industries at risk of permanent and irreparable collapse.

There are businesses and business leaders who will rise above this current pandemic, and they will all have exceptional COVID-19 testing, screening, and security measures in place. Businesses across the country are partnering with GENETWORx to implement the world’s most accurate coronavirus testing and most comprehensive screening to ensure employees are comfortable returning to work, clients are comfortable resuming business, and customers are comfortable visiting the business.

GENETWORx provides on-site nasopharyngeal and saliva tests at your location of choice. Both of these tests yield unbeatable accuracy, with the nasopharyngeal test having 99% sensitivity and specificity, and the saliva test yielding greater than 98% accuracy. GENETWORx also provides a Flu A-B/COVID Combo Test that detects two types of influenza viruses—influenza A and B—and differentiates them from RSV, and COVID-19. This combination test has a >96% accuracy rate for each virus.

GENETWORx is your one-stop partner in COVID-19 testing. In addition to, or instead of, providing on-site testing, GENETWORx can mail diagnostic COVID-19 self-collected nasal swab test kits to the homes of your employees.  The GENETWORx COVID-19 Nasal Swab Test Kit received FDA emergency use authorization and is convenient, accurate and safe. With your order, employees receive a test kit to their address with the supplies and instructions needed to conduct a test, as well as the FedEx return mailer.  Results are shared electronically with both employer and employee through an easy to use app, Aura, within 48 hours of lab receipt.  Click to learn more about the self-collection COVID-19 Nasal Swab Test Kit.

COVID-19 Could Lead to the Demise of Business of All Kinds

Unemployment claims by week (in 1000s)
Unempolyment Claims Graph
Projected COVID-19 impact
on tourism industry revenue
Tourisn Revenue Graph

"It's safe to say that sitting here today, America is largely out of business, as many industries have idled capacity, working from home."

Brian Cornell, CEO of Target

U.S. citizens are afraid to go back to work and will not re-enage with retail, restaurants, the hospitality industry, etc. without more confidence in the status of COVID-19
US trade deficit jumps amid
downward trend
Trade Deficit Graph

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GENETWORx: Leading Technology for COVID-19 Testing and Screening

GENETWORx is using the most advanced technology to improve the quality of COVID-19 testing and processing. Improving the quality of tests and accuracy of processing yields more actionable results and helps guide businesses with appropriate safety protocols and testing sequences.

GENETWORx Diagnostic Tests for COVID-19

GENETWORx provides accurate, reliable COVID-19 diagnostic tests.  Every business partnering with GENETWORx is guaranteed the number of tests they need and tests conducted on-site will be reliably processed with results delivered less than 72 hours after the patient sample is collected. GENETWORx provides both the nasopharyngeal test and the saliva test for on-site collection, as well as a nasal swab test which can be mailed to the office or employees’ homes. All offer accuracy, convenience and peace of mind. Click to learn more about the self-collection COVID-19 Nasal Swab Test Kit option.

GENETWORx Total Antibody Tests for COVID-19

The GENETWORx COVID-19 Total Antibody (IgM & IgG) assay is a blood test that is performed to determine if someone has been exposed/infected with the COVID-19 virus. The assay is 99.8% specific and 100% sensitive when performed at least 14 days after infection from COVID-19. If the person does not have symptoms but suspects they may have been infected, the antibody test can be performed at any time.

The antibody test checks to see whether a person’s immune system, the body’s defense against illness, has responded to the infection. It is not for diagnosing an active COVID-19 infection.

Total antibody tests detect both IgG and IgM in the blood to provide a clearer disease-state picture. These assays are more sensitive than the use of IgG or IgM alone for early detection of an immune response.

GENETWORx Processing for COVID-19

GENETWORx is performing COVID-19  testing using the same primer and probe sequences developed by the CDC in their Emergency Use Authorization to perform nucleic acid amplification and detection of COVID-19. At 99% specificity, our diagnostic tests are the most accurate in the world and are developed on-site at GENETWORx.

The primary processing workflow is performed by the below machines:

  • Intelliqube instrument from LGC Douglas Scientific
    • The Intelliqube is a combination liquid handler and real-time PCR instrument that  can process up to 786 samples at a time
  • CFX384 instrument from Bio-Rad
    • The  CFX384 is a rapid and sensitive real-time PCR instrument that can process 384 samples at a time
  • Luminex Corporation’s ARIES SARS-CoV-2  Assay
    • processes low-volume, rush accounts

GENETWORx is More Than Just Testing

Testing alone does not create the peace of mind necessary to return to “business as usual.” Identifying carriers of COVID-19 is merely one step in creating a healthy and safe working environment. It’s what your business does after identifying cases of COVID-19 that truly matters.

GENETWORx is the manufacturer of the world’s most accurate COVID-19 test kits and the developer of the nation’s most comprehensive screening and security solution specifically designed for businesses, offices, factories, storefronts, buildings, and other workplaces.

Integrating with existing security systems, GENETWORx’s Sequential Testing for Population Management program ensures people entering your building recently and verifiably tested negative for COVID-19. This program arranges testing schedules, follows HIPAA guidelines for reporting, and organizes appropriate safety protocols in the event a COVID-19 carrier is identified on-site.

GENETWORx takes the guesswork out of local, state, and federal testing guidelines, security and safety protocols, and testing schedules. GENETWORx is a one-stop solution for total COVID-19 compliance.

Aura: The COVID-19 Reporting and Security Software

Aura, the proprietary COVID-19 reporting and security software from GENETWORx, tracks sequential testing results and provides dashboards, accurate reporting, and important health data reflecting the COVID-19 status of your business.

Aura can easily integrate with your business’ security system, enabling you to screen for untested and coronavirus-positive persons at entry points to your workplace. Using standard QR-readers, Aura can cross reference individuals entering the workplace with their most recent COVID-19 test results, creating a discrete and effective way to suppress the presence of the contagion.

Aura is HIPAA compliant and can be customized to meet the needs of your specific business. GENETWORx can conduct independent assessments of your workplace and provide tailored security solutions to greatly mitigate the risks associated with COVID-19.

To learn more about Aura, click here.

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GENETWORx Certified Status:
Giving Your Business The Competitive Edge

Business owners know that there are fewer competing businesses and more unemployed premium talent on the market right now than ever before. If you’re looking to grow your market share, you need to have a building that ensures uncompromised and unparalleled COVID-19 testing and security compliance.

Partnering with GENETWORx will give your business the competitive edge to transform this time of economic uncertainty into an opportunity to provide jobs and stimulate the marketplace when our country needs it most. GENETWORx will help custom-tailor a testing, screening, and security program for your business and workplace, creating the safest possible environment for your employees, staff, business partners and clients.

When you are GENETWORx Certified, your business will openly demonstrate its commitment to and dedication to keeping healthy. GENETWORx businesses will have an easier time recruiting top-tier talent, hosting meetings with major client accounts and business partners, and welcoming back customers.

GENETWORx is devoted to reactivating the American economy and will work with businesses throughout the country to implement the most sophisticated and comprehensive safety and security protocols. We are your greatest ally through this pandemic.

Our dedicated staff is working around the clock to provide COVID-19 test results in less than 72 hours for:

Professional and
Collegiate Sports

How to Obtain On-site COVID-19 Diagnostic Test Kits for Your Organization


Contact GENETWORx. Within 72 hours, an account will be created and you will receive access to the GENETWORx portal for future test results.

Receive Test Kits

Within 24 hours the healthcare provider (HCP)/practice designated will receive either a nasopharyngeal, saliva diagnostic test kits, or antibody testing supplies (if needed). The nasopharyngeal diagnostic test kit will include a nasopharyngeal swab, and the universal transport media in a vial to ensure RNA and DNA survival. The saliva test will include a saliva-collecting funnel with stabilizing liquid. Both kits include a biohazard bag and postage paid, pre-addressed FedEx return pack.

Send Test Kits Back

Once the test is administered (by the HCP for the nasopharyngeal test or self-administered saliva test), the HCP or individual will put the vial and the test order with the ordering-physician’s signature in the provided bag and then into a prepaid FedEx package that will be delivered right to a GENETWORx lab.

Receive Results in
Less Than 72 Hours

If the patient signed a release you will receive the results via the GENETWORx portal in less than 72 hours. Patients can also access their results directly from GENETWORx via phone, text or the patient portal. GENETWORx will report to the State Health Department, so you do not have to report anything to local health authorities.

GENETWORx also offers COVID-19 Nasal Swab Test Kits which may be self-administered and sent to your employees’ homes or locations of choice.  Click to learn more about the self-collection COVID-19 Nasal Swab Test Kit option.

Enroll for the GENETWORx ‘Test Everyone USA’ Program

Businesses need to test 100% of their employees for COVID-19 in order to:

  • Re-open business
  • Restore a productive workforce and welcome employees back to work
  • Meet customer demand for goods/services and generate revenue
  • Ensure customer and employee confidence by creating a safe and healthy environment
  • Provide the data to local, state and federal government, as well as medical experts to aid in research
  • Stimulate the local and national economy
  • Stop the spread of the COVID-19 virus

The ‘Test Everyone USA’ program, offered exclusively by GENETWORx, provides employers and organizations ongoing testing. Through this program, every employee will be tested for COVID-19 every 10 days, and receive test results in less than 72 hours.  With this knowledge, everyone can have peace of mind and take the necessary actions based on their test results. Employers can focus on running their business with a productive, confident workforce and serve their customers and communities with the ‘COVID-19 Free, GENETWORx Certified’ seal.

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COVID-19 Testing in The Workplace FAQs

COVID-19 Diagnostic Testing FAQs

COVID-19 Antibody Testing FAQs

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