Viral Detection and Suppression On College and School Campuses

Feel Safe Returning To School
The World’s First COVID-19 Testing Program That Integrates with Campus Security

Testing alone does not suppress the spread of COVID-19. GENETWORx has pioneered the most effective testing and security platform for immediate viral detection, reporting, and suppression on college, university, and school district campuses. Only schools partnering with GENETWORx will have the tools they need to be compliant, and be able to give students, faculty, staff, and their families the confidence needed to return to school and feel safe. GENETWORx’s provides the nasopharyngeal test and the saliva test. Both of these tests yield unbeatable accuracy, with the nasopharyngeal test having 99% sensitivity and specificity, and the saliva test yielding greater than 98% accuracy. GENETWORx also provides a Flu A-B/COVID Combo Test that detects two types of influenza viruses—influenza A and B—and differentiates them from RSV, and COVID-19. This combination test has a >96% accuracy rate for each virus.

Don’t Let Fear and Anxiety Be the Reason
Your Students Don’t Enroll This Fall

College Student Debt


Student Debt was the most discussed “crisis” in the 2019 Presidential Primary Debates

COVID-19 Crisis


Coronavirus is the most prominent crisis of 2020

Over the past 10 years, “gap years” were becoming more popular and commonplace among first-year students.

Number of all college students that early projections indicate may take a gap year in 2020 due to concerns over COVID-19

College new jobs

The steady rise in “new collar” jobs (white-collar jobs that don’t require a bachelor’s degree) may increase the number of students who don’t return to school following a gap year.

College online

Many students who were forced into online courses last Spring found the process accessible and simple enough that they are considering resuming online-only education until campuses are open.

Sequential Coronavirus Testing for Student and Faculty

College, university, and school district campuses have the perfect conditions for contracting and quickly spreading the coronavirus. Consequently, COVID-19 threatens to shut down classes, suspend sports, and close campuses this year.

Combine the impacts of coronavirus with rising concerns over applying to colleges, student debt, the growing number of white-collar jobs that do not require bachelor’s degrees, and the increasing popularity of “gap years” and it’s easy to understand why coronavirus is greatly accelerating concerns of the “college bubble” bursting. Parents and students are undecided on how to participate in the 2020-2021 school year.

Colleges and school districts simply can’t afford to let fears and anxieties around coronavirus be the reason students, faculty, and staff doesn’t return to school.

Colleges and school districts partnering with GENETWORx will offer fully-compliant testing protocols while preserving the quality of life for students, faculty, and staff. Through sequential testing schedules, GENETWORx reduces the time and strain of COVID-19 testing without compromising the ability to quickly identify cases of COVID-19 within the student population.

GENETWORx is the most effective end-to-end testing and viral suppression program in the United States and is the only program with the technology capable of evolving with testing and security requirements to immediately and indefinitely keep college campuses safe and compliant.

GENETWORx: The One Stop Solution for COVD-19 Testing for the Following Colleges and Universities

GENETWORx Back to School Program is dedicated to mitigating COVID-19 at the following colleges and universities to get their students back on campus and their athletes back on the field.

Designed to Prioritize Safety

Professors, administrators, coaches, security staff, and other college and school district employees interface with large swaths of the student population and are therefore facing an enormous risk of COVID-19 infection by returning to work. Colleges and school districts that are unequipped to provide thorough testing and transparent test results to every person attending or working at the school will likely have many valuable staff members quit.

GENETWORx works directly with staff members, including campus security, health offices, professors, teachers, advisors, school boards, presidents, and the board of trustees to implement a custom and comprehensive testing protocol to specifically protect every student, faculty, and staff member. GENETWORx is the United States’ only viral detection and suppression platform and it’s specifically designed to prioritize the safety of college and school district employees and students.

GENETWORx is dedicated to protecting school districts, college faculty, staff members, and their families from COVID-19. Our instant-notification platform alerts every employee the moment a person on or around the campus has tested positive for COVID-19, helping everyone to immediately implement social-distancing, shelter-in-place, or quarantine protocols.

Every school district, college, and university that partners with GENETWORx for COVID-19 testing and outbreak suppression is committed to protecting our nation’s educators, campus staff members, their families, and students and to ensure the continuation of America’s education of students.

Aura: The COVID-19 Reporting and Security Software

Aura, the proprietary COVID-19 reporting and security software provided by GENETWORx, enables colleges to instantly implement viral testing and suppression protocols for every student, faculty member, and staff member on campus.

Aura will instantly and automatically coordinate the sequential testing schedule for the entire college population and will alert every user immediately in the event a positive COVID-19 test is processed. Individuals using the Aura app will also receive confidential test results and reminders when testing is required.

Aura also provides the campus health center and emergency staff members with high-level daily dashboards to track sequential testing compliance, viral detection, and quarantine statuses.

Aura seamlessly integrates with existing security scanners to ensure every single person on campus is 100% compliant with the most current testing standards and it also prevents any untested or COVID-19-positive persons from accessing the campus and nearby facilities.

To learn more about Aura, click here.

Keeping Parents Informed and Confident

GENETWORx wants every parent to have absolute confidence that his or her child is being proactively protected from COVID-19 while attending college. This is why GENETWORx created a broad notification platform that will alert parents if a person at their child’s college has tested positive for COVID-19 and what immediate protocols are being enacted to shield their child from a viral outbreak.

Colleges and universities partnering with GENETWORx don’t want parents to feel fearful of welcoming their child home over breaks or visiting with their child during the semester. This is why GENETWORx extends testing protocols to parents and loved ones of college students. With this groundbreaking system, parents are proactively reducing the likelihood of either passing COVID-19 to their child or contracting COVID-19 from their child.

GENETWORx, in partnership with colleges and universities across America, is taking the fear out of the back-to-school season for millions of families.

Coronavirus Testing Beyond Campus

It is equally imperative that colleges have extensive testing protocols and that those protocols don’t prevent students, faculty, and staff from leading an enjoyable lifestyle away from campus.

GENETWORx has created a safe-perimeter program that allows participating businesses and venues around the college to implement the same testing protocols and security systems that identify and suppress COVID-19 infections.

This low-cost offering will help the community thrive when schools reopen. The system also extends reporting and contact-tracing to create a safer environment overall.

Returning to School is Possible With GENETWORx

GENETWORx is reserving capacity for colleges and universities on a first-come, first-served basis.
Contact us now to ensure your school is outfitted with the world’s best COVID-19 testing and security program.

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