GENETWORx COVID-19 Testing, Reporting, and Contact Tracing for Cities

GENETWORx Manufactures and Distributes the World’s Most Accurate COVID-19 Tests for America’s Cities

GENETWORx, one of the most trusted names in genetic test manufacturing and processing in the U.S., is the manufacturer of the world’s most accurate COVID-19 test. GENETWORx is partnering with mayors, governors, local community leaders, and individual citizens to bring COVID-19 testing to city populations.

Densely populated, urban areas have been hardest hit by the COVID-19 pandemic. Both the infection rate and mortality rate are six to ten times higher for city residents when compared to suburban residents. City hospitals are most prone to overcrowding, being short-staffed, and under-funded, amplifying the COVID-19 risk factors for city residents. COVID-19 testing is, therefore, essential for cities across the country and GENETWORx is prepared to meet the demand with unparalleled and uncompromised support.

GENETWORx has the capacity to provide an uninterrupted supply of COVID-19 tests to cities, including residents, workers, and commuters. Our nasopharyngeal and saliva test kits are processed in-house and results are distributed in less than 72 hours via phone, text, online portal and/or mobile app after the specimen is collected. All test results maintain full HIPAA compliance for confidentiality while assisting health professionals and government officials in identifying and suppressing potential outbreaks within the community.

GENETWORx testing allows cities to be proactive against the COVID-19 virus. With GENETWORx, citizens living within cities will feel more informed of and prepared for coronavirus outbreaks. GENETWORx will coordinate with local hospitals and healthcare professionals to help suppress the contagion and minimize its spread. GENETWORx is a single source that offers comprehensive and unparalleled solutions for city populations, helping preserve the health and safety of every citizen throughout the pandemic.

Aura: COVID-19 Reporting and Contact Tracing

COVID-19 testing alone is not enough. While many states, cities, and communities have implemented testing plans, many of these populations are struggling to organize appropriate responses after a positive test is processed.

GENETWORx’s proprietary COVID-19 reporting software, Aura, provides city community leaders, healthcare professionals, and government officials with helpful dashboards, heat maps, and contact tracing data. Armed with the appropriate information, cities will be prepared to quickly react to cases of COVID-19, coordinate suppression protocols, and monitor the infection rate in real time.

Every tested city resident, commuter, and worker will have access to the Aura patient portal. Through this software, patients have access to COVID-19 test results, receive notifications of current social-distancing, shelter-in-place, and quarantine protocols, and are informed of any updates to current state or federal testing standards.

Aura’s smartphone application has an opt-in feature which will initiate contact tracing data across the entire user database. Any person with the app installed and the contact tracing feature turned on can proactively contribute to identifying and suppressing COVID-19 outbreaks while maintaining anonymity and confidentiality. Contact tracing helps health professionals and government officials understand the infection rate, identify potential hot spots for contraction, and coordinate additional testing to mitigate risk of outbreak.

To learn more about Aura, click here.

Aura Antibody Tracking for City Reopening

Through GENETWORx’s bulk antibody testing, city residents, community leaders, health professionals, and government officials can effectively track the ratio of citizens currently carrying the COVID-19 antibodies. Understanding the number of antibody carriers will help guide effective reopening protocols while mitigating the risk of mass outbreak and hospital overcrowding.

Antibody testing not only approximates the number of city residents who previously contracted and subsequently developed immunizations for COVID-19, but it also helps identify the ratio of symptomless antibody carriers inside your city population. These metrics are imperative for risk assessments, predictive modeling, and phased reopenings.

Antibody testing will be essential for cities when assessing the impact commuters, retail shoppers, tourists, and other non-residents will have on the downtown community. City officials can use antibody assessments to mitigate the impacts of phased reopening on city residents who will, undeniably, be at greater risk of infection than non-city residents.

Antibody testing is imperative for “herd immunity” predictive modeling. Health professionals and government officials can leverage antibody ratios and infection rate data from each wave of COVID-19 outbreak to gauge the presence and distribution of immunized persons among the city population. More importantly, this modeling can help spot pockets of antibody-free persons in the city population who should be considered particularly vulnerable to infection and spread. GENETWORx will work with government officials to help coordinate appropriate testing and screening protocols for vulnerable persons to greatly mitigate the risk of rapid viral contamination.

GENETWORx Provides Essential COVID-19 Testing for Minority Populations

Black and Hispanic persons represent 67% of the population of the largest cities in the United States. These same ethnic groups are four to five times more likely to contract the coronavirus than Asian or White persons living in the same area. Given the established COVID-19 risk factors for city populations, minority persons living or working in city areas are considered particularly vulnerable to both infection and death.

GENETWORx is dedicated to assisting community leaders, government officials, and health professionals prevent minority populations from being unfairly victimized by this deadly contagion. We are devoted to helping all population centers quickly identify and immediately suppress cases of COVID-19.

Understanding the unique coronavirus risks associated with minority persons requires custom solutions for city populations. GENETWORx collaborates with city residents and elected officials to gain a full understanding of the community’s history with COVID-19 and build a testing and reporting program which specifically addresses historical data and infection rates. GENETWORx will not only provide every citizen with greater knowledge and understanding of their community’s specific COVID-19 risk level but will also help coordinate more stringent testing and reporting requirements to help protect those who are most at-risk.

GENETWORx Meets or Exceeds All State and Federal Testing Standards

State and federal standards for testing are changing frequently and tests are evolving regularly. When city community leaders, health professionals, and government officials partner with GENETWORx, they are guaranteed to be able to comply with the most current regulations and administer the most advanced tests. This ensures cities working with GENETWORx will immediately and on an ongoing basis receive the most accurate results.

GENETWORx has the manufacturing capacity to not only provide cities with the number of tests they demand for bulk COVID-19 testing, but also has manufacturing versatility to quickly adapt to the country’s shifting laws and regulations to guarantee uninterrupted distribution throughout the pandemic.

GENETWORx is the most comprehensive COVID-19 testing partner for cities and we are reserving testing capacity now.

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