Our Services

GENETWORx Laboratory is the one-stop solution for testing and services, starting with screening and ending with a diagnosis and clear-cut plan for treatment. We work closely with physicians to support patient outcomes. Our services include:

COVID-19 Testing

Golden standard in COVID-19 testing

  • GENETWORx Laboratory’s test provides 99% accuracy, with 99% sensitivity and specificity
  • 24-hour turnaround time
  • GENEWORx’ Laboratory’s COVID-19 tests detects infection in the earliest stage
  • Capabilities of handling over 10,000 tests per day

Learn more about GENETWORx Laboratory’s COVID-19 tests, including how to order today.


The GENETWORx Laboratory Difference

  • Personalized drug response on 90-95% of all prescribed drugs
  • On-staff pharmacist willing to assist our partners
  • Fast, accurate results
  • Exceptional client services

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GYN & GI Health

What sets us apart?

  • Superior results in a fraction of the time – 24-48 hours.
  • Unwavering support from our specialty-trained and licensed healthcare professionals
  • Flexible sampling options to take the pain and embarrassment out of sample collection – without sacrificing results.

Read more about our GYN health services or GI health services.

Wound Pathogen Panel

Faster, more accurate results

  • One swap collects fast, definitive identification of targeted pathogens
  • GENETWORx Laboratory’s Wound Genie outperforms standard wound culture, as more than 85% of bacterial pathogens do not grow out in culture.
  • Wound Genie detects anaerobic organisms growing deep inside a wound that standard cultures often miss
  • Cost-efficient by providing the right medication the first time
  • Therapeutic recommendations provided with each report via our in-house pharmacy staff

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