GENETWORx Laboratory began in 2013 with the targeted focus of impacting, improving, and innovating the lives of all people by empowering physicians with the information and results they need through pharmacogenomics. GENETWORx Laboratory identified a gap in healthcare services between the lab and pharmacy: Every body is different – why shouldn’t medications be the same way? We were determined to make genetic results more actionable, so we added the pharmacist to the equation to provide therapeutic recommendations based on the individual’s genetic makeup

With the combination of pharmacology and genomics (the study of genes and their functions), GENETWORx Laboratory joined the pharmacogenomics industry. We developed an effective test focused on the individual and their genetic makeup, which can help identify the most appropriate medication and dose, tailored specifically to your genetic makeup. In other words, because the medication is tailored specifically in a way the patient will respond best to, it will be more effective.

GENETWORx Laboratory is a health management service company that specializes in bringing the benefits of genetic testing to the patient, via a network of our expert healthcare providers with extensive knowledge and experience in personalized medicine and pharmacogenomics. We are happy to work with all healthcare providers.

We’re certified by CAP/CLIA, which regulates laboratory. GENETWORx Laboratory is also CAP accredited, an accreditation which is awarded to clinical laboratories that exceed inspection qualifications and ensures a consistent level of service that positively impacts patient care. Our entire staff is fully-trained in genetic sequencing and assay development.

Why personalized medicine? It’s simple: Knowing your genetic makeup will help identify drugs that your body can actually breakdown and metabolize. Otherwise, it can be a guessing game – picking a medication and hoping your body responds effectively to it. Personalized medicine takes the guesswork out of medication effectiveness.

What we stand for

Our core values:

  • Personalized patient-centric care. We focus on each patient as an individual, recognizing that one size does not fit all when it comes to medication.
  • Translating science into actionable intelligence by bridging the missing pieces between the lab and the pharmacy.
  • Supporting doctors and pharmacists in their delivery of top-quality personalized medicine via education and information to help providers give patients the most effective medications.
  • Enabling cost-effective health care by accepting most insurance policies.
  • Preserving patient privacy through HIPAA-compliant measures and HIPAA approved software and processes.