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Health care expenditures continue to increase year-over-year. Ensuring the most effective, and cost-effective, care for each of your covered lives is critical to your plan’s sustainability.

21st century technology has led to next generation sequencers and mapping of the human genome. Several new fields have emerged from this technology including Gene Base Therapy, Pharmacogenomics, and Personalized Medicine. A direct result of these fields is advanced genetic testing that identifies biomarkers for medication therapy (companion diagnostics) and medication re-labeling. There is also increased use of genetic tests as consumer demand increases.

GENETWORx can help you provide highly individualized care to each of your plan participants. This patient-centered and cost-effective approach to treatment can prevent adverse medication reactions before they occur, which can reduce hospital admissions due to over- or under-medication, and also reduce costs with targeted medication dosages.

In a 2010 research study, 896 Warfarin patients were DNA-tested for CYP2C9 and VKORC1 enzyme function (enzymes that impact patient response to Warfarin), and had their optimum Warfarin dosage calculated based on that genetic testing. The study group saw a 28% lower hospitalization rate for bleeding or thrombosis-related issues, compared with patients on Warfarin who did not participate in the genetic testing.1

The following are some of the ways GENETWORx can assist you, your employees, and/or your plan participants:

  • Identify those individuals at-risk
  • Utilize evidence-based medicine to determine which test should be considered for your patient population; thereby, eliminating cost of inappropriate tests
  • Individualized test results
  • Pharmacist call center to communicate and discuss medication response testing with plan participants
  • Physician and pharmacist education programs
  • Provider consults
  • Complement and enhance participation in disease state management and wellness programs
  • Negotiate pricing
  • Increase patient medication adherence and compliance
  • Utilize known biomarkers to determine if a patient will benefit from a particular specialty medication
  • Reduce emergency room visits and hospitalizations

GENETWORx DNA testing can greatly reduce adverse medication reactions, thereby reducing plan costs for hospitalizations. GENETWORx testing can also lower prescription costs by determining the dosage needed by each individual patient – no more over- or under medicating, leading to less-than-ideal outcomes.

If you have questions about how GENETWORx testing can help you build highly personalized and more cost-effective care into your health plans, Contact Us.

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