Glen Allen, VA – GENETWORx, LLC is proud to announce the addition of another registered pharmacist in the Commonwealth of Virginia and a master’s-trained genetic counselor certified by the American Board of Genetic Counseling to their team.

“We are proud to have a specialty team in place that allows us to partner with physicians to assure the best outcome for the patient,” says Karen A. Meister, a Certified Genetic Counselor at GENETWORx. GENETWORx uses the latest technology in DNA genotyping to create a patient’s genetic profile that can predict their response to many drugs. GENETWORx’s tests help physicians provide the right medication at the right dose and can lower overall healthcare expenditures. “The addition of these professionals to the GENETWORx’s team supports the company’s continued commitment to offering health care providers the tools and resources they need to provide truly Personalized Medicine to their patients,” says Scott Blevins, President and COO of GENETWORx. The company’s pharmacy team reviews each patient’s medications in relation to their genetic profile and provides the referring physician with clinically referenced recommendations as to drug-drug and drug-genotype interactions. GENETWORx’s genetic counseling services are available to help physicians interpret their patient’s genetic test results, if needed.


Our mission is to deliver meaningful Personalized Medicine results to patients and provide health care professionals the necessary tools to leverage their knowledge and truly individualize treatment plans based on a patient’s DNA. We utilize the latest technology in DNA sequencing to help provide the right medications, at the right dose, and effectively lower overall healthcare expenditures while delivering the best health outcome for the patient.

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