Henrico County, VA―Richmond, Virginia-area laboratory GENETWORx has launched a new test panel that provides actionable-patient centered diagnostics to help physicians determine the most appropriate treatment regimen for patients suffering from genital and/or gastrointestinal infections.


The Personal Health Panel utilizes advanced multiplex DNA sequencing to detect a wide variety of pathogens including those shown to be resistant to common drug therapies. Identifying drug resistant pathogens allows for more targeted drug therapy with the goal of a reduction in treatment failures and optimal patient health outcomes.

Many infectious diseases, such as common sexually transmitted diseases and viruses that infect the gastrointestinal tract can have similar symptoms and treatments. The GENETWORx Personal Health Panel test results combined with advanced pharmacodiagnostic reporting helps providers not only identify the specific strain of the infection; it also identifies medication therapy options to aid in successful treatment of each patient based on their individual results. This helps prescribers move away from broad-spectrum drug therapy to a precision based approach to prescribing.

GENETWORx CEO William Miller says, “The new Personal Health Panel further demonstrates our commitment to personalized medicine and revolutionizing the diagnostic laboratory industry. We pride ourselves in being a – Service Provider- and not just another laboratory who performs testing. The new panel also meshes well with our current pharmacogenetics panel, and together these results can be integrated into the overall treatment consideration to allow for more efficient therapeutic regimens, which will lead to more effective results for the patient.”

The Personal Health Panel will be marketed to gastroenterologists, gynecologists and Primary Care physicians. It will offer the widest array of molecular diagnostic assays available on the market, with easy sample collection and one of the shortest turnaround times available. Results will be reported within 24-48 hours after the sample is received at the laboratory and delivered to the physician via Provider preference (e.g. hard copy, secure web portal, or desktop delivery).



GENETWORx is a fully accredited laboratory based in Glen Allen, Virginia. Its mission is to deliver meaningful personalized medicine results to patients and provide health care professionals the necessary tools to leverage their knowledge and truly individualize treatment plans based on a patient’s DNA. Its scientists utilize the latest technology in DNA sequencing to help physicians choose the right medications, at the right dose, and effectively lower overall healthcare expenditures while delivering the best health outcome for the patient. For more information, visit the GENETWORx website at www.genetworx.com.

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