Henrico County, VA―Richmond, Virginia laboratory GENETWORx has added human identity testing services to its offerings, including forensic, paternity and relationship testing. The new division will provide human DNA identification; biological relationship analysis; cold case review; consultation; expert witness testimony; laboratory design; training; and validation services.

The new division will be directed by Shelley Johnson, a forensic DNA expert with over 19 years of experience which includes serology, mtDNA, STR and Y-STR casework. Johnson was most recently the technical leader of forensic and CODIS services at Fairfax Identity Laboratories. She has also worked at the Armed Forces DNA Laboratory and the Bode Technology Group.

Johnson’s expertise extends to numerous biological specimens including blood, skeletal material, tissue, hair, teeth, human nails, saliva, urine, and semen. She was an integral component with DNA identification for The Tomb of the Unknown Soldier; The National Center for Missing and Exploited Children (NCMEC); The International Commission on Missing Persons (ICMP)-Bosnia and Croatia; The Innocence Project-(Charles Fain, Christopher Ochoa, Richard Danziger and John Grega); The World Trade Center; Alaska Air Flight 261; and American Airlines Flight 587.

"The new Human Identity Services Division will strengthen our expertise in DNA analysis and provide reliable and high quality DNA identifications to assist with biological relationship analysis and criminal casework investigations,” says GENETWORx CEO William Miller.


GENETWORx is a fully accredited laboratory based in Glen Allen, Virginia. Its mission is to deliver quality laboratory services to its clients utilizing the latest technology in DNA analysis and molecular diagnostics. Its medical laboratory division provides both patients and physicians the tools to leverage their knowledge and truly individualize treatment plans and effectively lower overall healthcare expenditures while delivering the best health outcome for the patient. It also provides human DNA identification for relationship testing and forensic DNA analysis to provide expert results to solve questions of identity. For more information, visit the GENETWORx website at www.genetworx.com.

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