Bucknell partnered with TCA/GENETWORx to deliver two free COVID test kits to each student — the first a saliva test and the second a nasal swab test — and when students arrive on campus to check-in, they will be required to show the medical staff their two negative tests through their Bucknell app.

GENETWORx Laboratories, a leading innovative molecular diagnostic testing laboratory, announced today that the company is now performing COVID-19 antibody testing, in addition to diagnostic testing, for the virus. 

NBC 12 News reports that GENETWORx Labs is speeding up coronavirus testing to assist the nation. In this report, the lab’s CEO explains that GENETWORx uses the same kit the CDC developed but is able to test nearly 10 times faster. …

Virginia Business reports that GENETWORx Labs plans to perform 150,000 COVID-19 tests per month and will ship 5,000 tests a day in April.

WTVR-TV reports that Genetworx Labs can deliver COVID-19 test results in 24 hours.

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