Ordering and Payment Frequently Asked Questions

To purchase a test you will be required to enter a debit or credit card, or you may use a mobile wallet. No other payment options are accepted at this time.

Yes, you may submit this payment to insurance. Reimbursement terms will vary depending on insurance.

We know you want your test as soon as possible, so there is very little time between ordering your kit and GENETWORx processing it in order to facilitate a FedEx shipment. Reach out to customer service should this need arise.

We are diligent about processing the order and shipment of your test quickly on the same day as purchase. Should you need to cancel, please reach out to customer service as soon as possible upon order to see if cancellation is an option.

No, once a kit has been sent from the laboratory to the customer it may not be returned.

The account you create will become your log in and password for the Aura application. You’ll use these credentials to activate your test kit, watch instructions video on how to collect the sample safely, track the delivery status of your sample to the lab and receive results.

Yes, you will receive an email confirmation of your order shortly after order completion.