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What Patients Need to Know About the GENETWORx COVID-19 Diagnostic and Antibody Tests

Time is of the essence when it comes to a COVID-19 diagnosis or antibody results. GENETWORx provides both a COVID-19 diagnostic test and an antibody test, so you will know if you currently have COVID-19 or have had an immune response to the virus.

COVID-19 Diagnostic Tests

GENETWORx’s 99% accurate nasopharyngeal COVID-19 test detects the presence of SAR-CoV-2, the virus responsible for COVID-19, at a level of sensitivity that surpasses other laboratories. With this level of accuracy and our fast turnaround time, you can count on more accurate, faster results.

Considered the gold standard due it the level of accuracy, GENETWORx’s COVID-19 nasopharyngeal 99% specificity and sensitivity test will provide you with your results in less than 72 hours. The test is in the form of a nasal swab.

GENETWORx also provides a saliva test for diagnosing COVID-19 infections. This test yields greater than 98% accuracy, with results also available in less than 72 hours.

GENETWORx is a great company. The employees are friendly, and products are delivered as fast as they are requested. Results are available quickly, which helps to prevent delays in resident care. I would give this company five stars and recommend to all healthcare organizations.”
-Nicole, Director of Performance Improvement and Infection Control, Fair Acres (800-bed Long Term Care Center), Delaware County, PA.

Please note: GENETWORx COVID-19 tests are not available direct to consumer at this time and require a physician’s order to purchase. Please call your doctor to discuss ordering a COVID-19 Diagnostic Test.

COVID-19 Total Antibody (IgM & IgG) Tests

The GENETWORx COVID-19 Total Antibody (IgM & IgG) assay is a blood test that is performed to determine if your body has had an immune response to COVID-19.

The COVID-19 Antibody Test checks to see if your immune system has responded to the infection – which is a sign that you have likely already had COVID-19. It is not for diagnosing an active COVID-19 infection. While the test is more accurate when preformed at least 14 days after infection, if you don’t have symptoms but suspect you may have been infected, this test can be conducted at any point.

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COVID-19 Diagnostic Testing Step By Step

Contact Your Healthcare

If you feel sick or have been exposed to the infection, contact your healthcare provider to get assessed.

Get Tested

You will be tested for COVID-19 by using a nose swab or saliva collection tube. Your sample will be sent (via your provider if nasal swab, or self if saliva test) to the Genetworx lab for testing.

Receive Test Results

Genetworx produces tests with quick turn-around times; your healthcare provider will have your test results by the next business day.

Follow All Further

Upon receiving your results, you will be given further instructions that pertain to your specific health needs.

Accessing Your Results

GENETWORx makes it easy for you to access your results without any delays—whether it’s by phone, by text or our Patient Portal. The results are in your hands.

By Phone:
Dail: 610-726-1205

By Text:
If your mobile number was provided by you or your healthcare provider along with your GENETWORx COVID-19 test, you will receive a text from GENETWORx with a link to a secured portal where you may access your results.

By Patient Portal:
Visit the GENETWORx Patient Portal at https://patients.genetworx.com/

COVID-19 Diagnostic Testing FAQs

COVID-19 Antibody Testing FAQs

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