As a CLIA-certified and CAP-accredited laboratory, GENETWORx is your full-service provider for COVID-19 Diagnostic and Antibody Tests. Our diagnostic tests detect the presence of COVID-19 at a level of sensitivity that surpasses other laboratories. We will have testing supplies in your hands within 72 hours, and results in 2-3 business days.

Here’s more information about these two individual tests.

COVID-19 Diagnostic Tests

Physicians, hospitals, and any other United States healthcare provider can order GENETWORx’s 2019 Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19) test to provide patients with quick, accurate results.

GENETWORx’s 2019 Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19) test provides 99% specificity and sensitivity for detection of the presence of SAR-CoV-2, the virus responsible for COVID-19. Our tests follow the Centers for Disease Control approved assay kits.

My facility has been using GENETWORx for several months now and we are beyond satisfied. The lab testing and reporting is exceptional. The customer service is phenomenal. We have not had any issues and are very happy to have found a lab to partner with in order to provide the best patient care possible. Our results are always available much more quickly than other labs we have looked into and there is always someone available to assist with any questions we have."
- Zoe Jenkins, MA, MT (AMT) Laboratory Services Director and Facility Joint Commission Coordinator.

For more information on our testing capabilities, please contact GENETWORx by calling 610-726-1205 or completing the Order COVID-19 Tests form.


COVID-19 Total Antibody (IgM & IgG) Tests

The GENETWORx COVID-19 Total Antibody (IgM & IgG) assay is a blood test that is performed to determine if a patient has been exposed/infected with the COVID-19 virus.

The COVID-19 Antibody Test checks to see if a patient’s immune system has responded to the infection. It is not for diagnosing an active COVID-19 infection. The GENETWORx Assay test is most specific and sensitive when it is performed at least 14 days after infection from COVID-19. However, if someone does not have symptoms but suspects they may have been infected, this test can be conducted at any point.

The presence of antibodies to SARS-CoV-2 indicates that the patient, whether the person experienced symptoms or not, had an immune response to the virus. GENETWORx’s Total Antibody tests detect both IgG and IgM in the blood to provide a clearer disease-state picture. When it comes to early detection of an immune response, our assays are much more sensitive - 99.8% specific and 100% sensitive to be exact.

Ready to order Antibody tests? Call 610-726-1205 and we’ll have your testing kit to you within 72 hours.

GENETWORx is currently accepting COVID-19 diagnostic and antibody test orders and samples from medical facilities, healthcare providers, governments, universities, and colleges, assisted and long-term living facilities and all employers throughout the United States. Learn how to order tests below.




Aura Software

Aura: The COVID-19 Reporting and Security Software

Aura, the proprietary COVID-19 reporting and security software provided by GENETWORx, enables healthcare providers to instantly implement viral testing and suppression protocols for every healthcare provider and staff member on their team.

Aura will instantly and automatically coordinate the sequential testing schedule for the entire population and will alert every user immediately in the event a positive COVID-19 test is processed. Individuals using the Aura app will also receive confidential test results and reminders when testing is required.

Aura also provides the leadership and administrators of the healthcare facility with high-level daily dashboards to track sequential testing compliance, viral detection, and quarantine statuses.

Aura also provides a daily symptom tracking dashboard, contact tracing assistance, and integrates with existing security scanners to ensure every single person in your facility is 100% compliant with the most current testing standards.

To learn more about Aura, click here.


How to Obtain COVID-19 Diagnostic Test Kits
Contact GENETWORx. Within 2-3 business days an account will be created and you will receive access to the GENETWORx portal for future test results.
Order COVID-19 Tests
Receive Test Kits
Within 72 hours the healthcare provider (HCP)/practice designated will receive diagnostic test kits or antibody testing supplies (if needed).  The diagnostic test kit will include a nasopharyngeal swab, and the universal transport media in a vial to ensure RNA and DNA survival.
Send Test Kits Back
Once the test is administered by the HCP and has a specimen from the patient, the HCP will put the vial and the test order with the ordering-physician's signature in the provided bag and then into a prepaid Fedex package that will be delivered right to a GENETWORx lab.
Receive Results in
2 Business Days
If the patient signed a release the HCP will receive the results via the GENETWORx portal in 2-3 business days. Patients can also access their results directly from GENETWORx via phone, text or the patient portal. GENETWORx will report to the State Health Department, so you do not have to report anything to local health authorities.

Enroll for the GENETWORx ‘Test Everyone USA’ Program

Healthcare organizations need to test 100% of their employees for COVID-19 in order to:

  • Ensure a productive, safe workforce
  • Meet patient needs
  • Ensure employee and patient confidence by creating a safe and healthy environment
  • Provide the data to local, state and federal government, as well as medical experts to aid in research
  • Stimulate the local and national economy
  • Stop the spread of the COVID-19 virus

The ‘Test Everyone USA’ program, offered exclusively by GENETWORx, provides healthcare providers and organizations ongoing testing. Through this program, healthcare providers will be tested for COVID-19 twice per week, and receive test results within 2 to 3 business days.  With this knowledge, everyone can have peace of mind and take the necessary actions based on their test results. Healthcare organizations can focus on their mission with a productive, confident workforce and serve their patients and communities with the ‘COVID-19 Free, GENETWORx Certified’ seal.

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COVID-19 Diagnostic Testing FAQs

Who can order GENETWORx COVID-19 tests?

Physicians, hospitals, and any other United States healthcare provider can order GENETWORx’s 2019 Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19) test. Our tests are available for any patients who meet current guidance for evaluation of COVID-19 infection. Our tests feature 99% specificity and sensitivity to detect the presence of SAR-CoV-2, the virus responsible for COVID-19.

How can I order GENEWORx COVID-19 tests right now?

Call Matt Etheridge (478-718-7497) or Damon Faulkner (865-405-9660), who will set you up in GENETWORx’s portal (where you will receive the results) and send the kits to your facility. Within 72 hours, your facility will be set up in our portal and your test kits will arrive.

How does the process work? Who collects the specimens?

After a physician contacts GENETWORx, we will send your testing kits to your facility. These kits will include a swab and the universal transport media in a vial to ensure RNA and DNA survival. Once the swab is taken by a healthcare provider, the vial and test order with the physician’s signature are placed in an individual bag, which are then placed into a larger bag. This is sent via FEDEX to our laboratory, where it will be tested, and results will be sent through the GENETWORx portal within 2 to 3 business days.

What types of specimens are needed for the testing?

GENETWORX’s COVID-19 testing requires a nasopharyngeal swab collection. Specimen should be collected using a synthetic nasopharyngeal swab and placed in a viral transport medium to be accepted for testing. Only one sample type per patient will be accepted. Appropriately sized swabs with synthetic tips can be used with the exception of calcium alginate tips, swabs with preservatives, and swabs with wood shafts. Viral transport media that is acceptable for the collection of influenza specimens can be used to transport swabs for COVID-19 testing.

How will an ordering physician be notified of results? And when?

Once GENETWORX’s receives the provided sample, it will be tested and the result – whether it’s positive or negative – will be sent confidentially via our portal within 2-3 business days. You will receive instructions on how to set up the portal upon initial receipt of the COVID-19 test. Patients can also access their results directly from GENETWORx via phone, text or the patient portal.

How can I avoid a testing rejection?

In order to get quick, accurate results to patients, the following samples cannot be accepted for testing:

  • Any swabs with calcium alginate, cotton tips, or wooden shafts
  • Samples that have been refrigerated for more than 72 hours
  • Samples that have been kept at room temperature for more than 24 hours
  • Samples that are improperly labeled
  • Samples that are contaminated
  • Broken or leaking transport devices
How accurate are GENETWORx’s tests?

Genetworx is uniquely qualified to perform COVID-19 testing and deliver incredibly accurate, timely results because we regularly perform complex molecular diagnostic testing, outside of the pandemic. Not all companies have the technology and infrastructure to deliver an accurate result in a timely manner. We have special instrumentation and expertise to run a large volume of COVID-19 tests and produce results in one to two business days with over 99% specificity and sensitivity. This capability is not found in most tests or in most laboratories. Some tests without this level of sensitivity will not detect the presence of the virus.

Will GENETWORx report COVID-19 results to local and state public health entities?

Depending on your state, GENETWORx is required by law to report positive and/or negative results to the state and public health departments.

What is GENETWORx’s testing capacity?

GENETWORx’s is currently performing thousands of COVID-19 tests every day. We have been working closely with local and state officials to continue providing our services during this pandemic. Every day, GENETWORx is adding machinery automation and efficiencies to continually increase our testing capacity to meet the demand during this pandemic.  

GENETWORX’s is currently working on antibody testing and aims to have this launched for providers by the end of May.


COVID-19 Antibody Testing FAQs

How is a specimen collected for an antibody test?

A venipuncture is performed to collect blood from the patient. Serum or plasma will be tested to determine if the patient has antibodies against COVID-19. Blood draws need to be performed by health care providers or at labs.

Who can order GENETWORx Antibody tests?

Anyone can have a COVID-19 Antibody test; however, the test is a blood test that must be performed by a physician. GENETWORx proudly supplies tests for healthcare providers, state and local governments, colleges and universities, assisted and long-term care facilities, food services, professional and collegiate sports, transportation services, utilities, law firms, and employers.

How will I be notified of results? And when?

Results will be available in GENETWORx’s online portal or by phone (610-726-1205) within 24-48 hours after the sample has been received. If you provided your mobile number, you’ll receive a text from GENETWORx with a link to our secure portal.

How accurate are GENETWORx’s Antibody tests?

GENETWORx COVID-19 Total Antibody (IgM & IgG) test is 99.8% specific and 100% sensitive when performed at least 14 days after COVID-19 infection.

How can I order GENETWORx’s COVID-19 Antibody tests right now?

Contact GENETWORx by calling 610-726-1205 to order your Total Antibody test. You’ll have a testing kit within 72 hours.

Can I still get an antibody test if I don’t have symptoms?

Yes. If you believe you’ve been exposed to COVID-19 or have tested positive but do not have symptoms, you can still get a GENETWORx Antibody test.

Who can get the antibody test?

If you’ve tested positive for COVID-19, been at risk for exposure, have had symptoms or not, you are eligible for COVID-19 antibody testing.

Can children get the antibody test?

There is no age minimum for antibody testing.

Why should I get an antibody test?

Although having the antibodies does not guarantee immunity, early research indicates there is at least some protection from previous COVID-19 exposure.

Because antibodies play such an important role in the battle against COVID-19, health care professionals need to know who has been exposed to COVID-19 and if they’ve developed an immune response. As we learn more and more about COVID-19, these results, combined with other important data, could help figure out individuals who are more (or less) susceptible to more COVID-19 infections.

What does it mean if I have antibodies?

If you test positive for COVID-19 antibodies, it likely means that you have been exposed to COVID-19. Antibodies are often the immune system’s way to fight off infections. However, antibodies don’t guarantee immunity against certain viruses. Unfortunately, we don’t know if people who have COVID-19 antibodies are protected in the future. Research is still ongoing.

Do I need to social distance if I have antibodies?

Yes, you will want to social distance if you have COVID-19 antibodies. Just because you have antibodies doesn’t mean you’re immune from COVID-19 infection. Plus, you can transport the virus, increasing the risk of infection to other people.

Do I have to get sick from COVID-19 to get antibodies?

No, you don’t have to get sick in order to get antibodies. Research shows that a large amount of people have the antibodies to COVID-19 without ever actually getting sick. That’s why some people test positive for COVID-19 without ever having any symptoms.

If I have the presence of antibodies, does that mean I can’t get re-infected by COVID-19?

Simply having the presence of antibodies doesn’t mean you are immune against future COVID-19 infections. Antibody testing provides a yes or no when it comes to creation of antibodies to a specific virus.

Any health concerns to getting the antibody test?

Currently, there are no known medical risks associated with taking the COVID-10 Antibody test, beyond that of a typical blood draw.


For more information on our testing capabilities or instructions of gathering samples,
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