The Future of Medicine

GENETWORx is reinventing laboratory services for healthcare providers. We believe in fast results, unbeatable accuracy, and continually building on ever-changing technologies, whether we’re battling COVID-19 or breaking down wound samples.

Unlike other laboratories, GENETWORx Laboratory uses a molecular test to identify pathogens that are preventing the body from healing. Because we don’t rely on traditional cultures to get this information, we’re able to provide a thorough breakdown of what’s causing the infection faster.

While other labs must wait days for their samples to grow in order to find out what the infection is, GENETWORx Laboratory’s innovative diagnostic system is able to instantly find out what infection is present and how much of each. By extracting the sample’s DNA and immediately processing it, we’re able to see exactly what the sample is made up of and break it down into percentages. No need to wait for samples to grow or test resistance – this is all a same-day procedure, available for gastrointestinal issues, women’s health, men’s health, wounds, and more.

GENETWORx’s novel GENIE software has paved the way in modern medicine. The first of its kind, GENIE combs through a detailed algorithm database, allowing the pharmacist to provide individual therapeutic options based on each patient’s genetic makeup.

What sets GENIE apart for diagnosing wounds, UTIs, gastrointestinal issues, and gender-specific infections:

  • Provides different therapeutic options based on pathogens present. For example, what types of bacterium and fungi that are present in California may not be present in Pennsylvania. Suggested therapies are formulated from empiric coverage from respected resources.
  • Software is constantly updated with CDC guidelines, new recommendations, and new antibiotics and medications.
  • Will recommend both IV options and oral medications.
  • Checks all different points for infection and determines how much bacterium is present (for example, 82% Staphylococcus epidermidis,18% Chlorellosis).
  • Sends an accurate report straight to the physician within 24 hours with a breakdown of infection and best therapeutic recommendations.
  • Outperforms the standard wound culture, as more than 85% of bacterial pathogens do not grow in culture. GENIE detects anaerobic organisms growing deep inside that a standard culture would often miss.

When it comes to pharmacogenomics, here’s how GENIE works:

  • Once a patient’s DNA has been tested to identify the type of metabolizer they are for specific genes, GENIE pulls in the patient’s medications for the last 90 days.
  • From here, the algorithm compares the patient’s gene results to their medications to see if it’s a good match.
  • GENETWORx’s pharmacist reviews the report, adds necessary comments or therapeutic options, and then a report is generated and sent to the prescribing physician. Each report will include a Personalized Medication Guide which will include recommendations for what medications can be used as directed, what medications can be used with caution, and what may necessitate an alternative therapy.

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